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JR Blog: Austin Update, John Cena and the Red Sox, More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Sunday, October 19th, 2008

is back with another blog update at Here are some of the highlights:

– Over 17,000 fans in San Juan enjoyed the WWE Saturday night and that was without one of the Colon brothers on the card as the Raw brand was in town. The WWE’s 3 days in Puerto Rico did well and got a break in the weather as it looked as if at one time the tour would be in jeopardy due to a possible hurricane.

– Saturday night in Mexico City the WWE drew over 15,000 fans for a combined Smackdown/ECW event. I know that the wrestlers were looking forward to this trip as it was two days in Monterrey and three days in Mexico City. Staying multiple nights in one hotel room is a nice perk when touring.

– Funny story told to me Saturday night by an ABC staffer who knows several Red Sox players and who knows . Cena grew up just outside Boston but seems to have turned his MLB allegiance toward his new hometown Tampa Bay Rays. As the story goes, Cena hooked up with some of the Red Sox players on Friday night and demonstrated with and fury how a “knife chop” feels particularly to Boston knuckleballer Tim Wakefield. Cena is obviously feeling much better after neck surgery but why anyone would even think of withstanding a “chop” from the freakishly strong Cena is beyond me even if Jack Daniels was allegedly looking on. It was all in fun but it will be interesting to see the reaction that John gets when he next wrestles in Boston. But come to think of it, many Bean Town fans jeer Cena any way which I still think motivates John and certainly makes for an interesting presentation.

– Yours truly got a text from after the Oklahoma victory over Kansas Saturday saying that he was in Vancouver where his new movie begins filming this week. Steve had a helluva time finding the game on TV in Vancouver and only got to see the 4th quarter. Steve is looking forward to being in Phoenix for next weekend as he always enjoys catching up with “the boys” and reconnecting with his fans on his trips back into WWE land.

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