Hogan On Flair’s Retirement, Road Warrior Animal News, More

–During the ABC broadcast of the Ohio State vs. Michigan State game they panned to Road Warrior Animal – father of one of the best defensive college players in the NCAA right now, his son James Laurinaitis. As Ohio State continued to beat Michigan State, they showed a picture of Animal from his Legion of Doom days and even mentioned his tag team partner Hawk. (Thanks to Joel Croyle)

–The following is a quote from a recent Hulk Hogan radio interview out of Rochester, New York: “Hulk gives his thoughts on the grand retirement of Ric Flair in WWE. He said it was a great storyline but doesn’t think we have seen the last of Ric Flair in the ring. Hulk said someday he’d like to get the grand treatment but he’s not ready to retire yet.” (Thanks to Rich Jones)

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