Vince Calls HBK/Jericho Best Ladder Match Ever, Pornstar Becoming Wrestler

— After No Mercy, Vince McMahon was telling management that the Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho ladder match was the best ladder match he had ever seen.

— Adult film starlet Trina Michaels is giving up the gangbangs to enter the battle royals (her publicist’s words, not mine!) Over the past 5 months Trina has been in her own personal cage match deciding if she should stay in porn or take several offers to enter the pro wrestling world. The end result is that wrestling is where her heart is at right now. In a statement to her fans (a.k.a. Trina-Maniacs) on MySpace, Trina wrote:

I cant say this is my 100% retirement from porn but I will be gone for awhile. I’ve been a wrestling fan for 8 years and over the past year I have meet some really cool people in the WWE, TNA (Total NonStop Action) and several local promotions. I’ve been training for 3 months so far and I am about to take the training to the next level. I hope my fans will follow me in my journey into wrestling and promise I will kick ass.

Here is a picture of her:

Trina Michaels




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  • Jeff Hardy Fan

    vegas you should cut the contains nudity

  • Vegas Martin

    Oh ok, it’s like trying to play where’s waldo…. that was hard to find.

    I changed the pic.

  • DX316

    She should go to TNA with all the other skanks!

  • Jeff Hardy Fan

    I know what you mean vegas.

  • Vegas Martin

    DX316, LOL. That was hilarious, they like ’em extra skanky in TNA.

  • Jeff Hardy Fan


  • Sara Stone

    Sara stone is one a hell fantastic actress. I just can’t get enough of her.

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