John Cena/MLB, Vince Russo News, Knoxville/WWE Video, More

–A fan who attended the TNA “Bound For Glory” pay-per view last Sunday night in Chicago posted video footage of Vince Russo standing in the crowd watching the show. Check it out on at: (Thanks to Ross Quick)

–I was at the Red Sox/Devil Rays MLB game this past Tuesday night and two rows behind us sat John Cena. He was the most approachable person I have ever seen. He signed autographs, posed for pictures, even chatted with fans around him about anything or nothing. The downside? Cena is a Rays fan! What the hell is that? (Thanks to “THEICONEW”)

–Johnny Knoxville sure does have a hard head. After pushing his pain tolerance to the limit on Jackass, he is now taking punishment from WWE Superstars! Knoxville made some less than flattering comments about the 7 foot plus Great Khali’s “tallywacker on his show. This past Monday on Raw, Knoxville came down to the ring to explain himself. Once he got on the mic, he managed to catch a beating from WWE Diva Beth Phoenix and the leprechaun Hornswaggle! Afterwards, the Great Khali himself came out to teach Knoxville the true meaning of “entertainment” as he slammed him to the mat. You can view a clip of the mayhem to share with your readers here: (Thanks to Geoffrey Colon)

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