Cyber Sunday Voting, Jim Ross/Football, SD! vs. RAW, More

–Gamestop is selling an exclusive Playstation 3 Collector’s edition of Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 which comes with Steelcage packaging along with a Blu-Ray disc which includes a best of Raw and Smackdown matches. You can also get a cooler when you reserve the game for the PS3, PS2, X-Box 360 or the Nintendo Wii. The game will be released on all platforms on November 9th. (Thanks to Trak)

–Just wanted to let you know that Jim Ross was shown during the Oklahoma-Kansas game today. The announcer didn’t mention WWE or his full name, but said “There’s JR. If you are a wrestling fan you know who that is.” (Thanks to Bryan)

–Just to clear up any confusion, as of right now, only the Big Show vs. Undertaker match stipulations are being decided via vote. All the other matches are being set up via the text voting. You can vote for the Taker-Big Show stipulations now by logging onto (Thanks to Vincent) Confirms The Release Of Santino Marella! [Read Article …]