Update on TNA’s MMA Gimmick, PPV Changes and More

– TNA has just released new t-shirts for Sting, Matt Morgan and Jeff Jarrett.

– TNA has changed the order of three of their pay-per-views. Last year, Genesis was in November, Turning Point was in December, and Final Resolution was in January. This year, Turning Point will be in November, Final Resolution in December, and Genesis in January.

– Slam! Wrestling recently had a story up with Marcus Davis, the guy who took part in training Samoa Joe for the MMA-style Lockdown match with Kurt Angle earlier this year. Basically the whole thing was a fluke. TNA did have interest in doing a deal where Joe would be trained by a big MMA star. Tito Ortiz was wanted by TNA and the idea was that he and Joe are from the same area and have known each other for a few years. No word on what happened, but obviously it never worked out. TNA hooked up with Davis when on the same day at the same gym in Southern California, he was shooting photos with Real Fighter Magazine and TNA was filming the Samoa Joe training videos. People from Spike TV who were there knew David and came up with the idea of him being in the videos as Joe’s coach, so they filmed an hour of training and talking. Davis didn’t even know Joe. Then TNA asked Davis come to Lockdown and present the TNA World Title to the winner. Davis said Kurt Angle came up to him before the show and told him he was going to flip him off but not to worry, that he wasn’t going to do anything physical “because I know you’ll kill me.”

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