Hulk Hogan Speaks In-Depth On His Son’s Early Release From Jail

Reader Kevin McGuffey sent along the following:

Hulk Hogan was featured in a two minute segment on last night’s Inside Edition. Interviewed by April Woodard, they talked about the impending release of Nick Hogan from jail next week.

Hogan said that jail has actually been a good experience for him. When asked about those who say Nick is getting out early and that is wrong, Hogan stated “He is NOT getting out early, he is simply taking advantage of a Florida law that states if you work hard in jail, take a job and work 12 hours a day, you get what is called ‘Good Gained Time’.” This is apparently how he is getting out a little early.

Next they do a brief recap of how Nick got sent to jail in the first place. When asked about reports that Nick had been a spoiled brat, Hulk said it wasn’t true and that it has been a great reality check for him. He says that Nick has made a huge change and once he gets out, with his intent, vision and wanting to start several charities, he is going to be a great man.

At the very end there was a brief mention of Celebrity Championship Wrestling…which by the way starts this Saturday on the Country Music Television channel. They ran through a list of the “celebrities” and that the egos were sometimes too hard to handle “even for Hulk Hogan.” No mention of the divorce or Brooke. Confirms The Release Of Santino Marella [Read Article …]