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You can check out the artwork planned for the new Kane DVD set at Amazon.com. It’s basically a close up of Kane’s face with the reading: “The Twisted, Disturbed Life Of Kane”.

Terry Funk and Eric Bischoff have been added to the 11/1 Ringsidefest event in New York City, joining Road Warrior Animal and Ric Flair. Flair will be doing a Q&A as part of the event.

The following is a quote from a recent interview with rock and roll legend Alice Cooper: “That was one of the most terrifying things in the world … you talk about the Manson murders being terrifying, how ‘bout 90,000 people … wrestling fans … 60,000 of them blue-haired old ladies screaming for blood, and I’m going ‘I hope this isn’t my audience. My audience isn’t as crazy as this.’ That was the craziest audience in the world. They really were. And I kept thinking, ‘They don’t really believe this do they? They don’t really believe this is real, do they?’ And I think they did.”

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