TNA iMPACT! Results (10/16)

Report by Jason Powell and

The show opened with video footage of the Bound For Glory pay-per-view.

A clip aired of Jeff Jarrett saying the last place he needs to be is inside a wrestling ring. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s one and done,” Jarrett said.

The opening montage aired.

Mike Tenay and Don West introduced the show and announced that Sting won the TNA Title “thanks to Kevin Nash.” They hyped that Nash would return to the ring and that Mick Foley would say goodbye during the show. West said Abyss was hospitalized with severe burns suffered at the pay-per-view and would not appear on the show.

1. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir and Sonjay Dutt (w/SoCal Val) in 3:05. Sabin hit a huracanrana on Sonjay. Shelley followed up with a frogsplash for the win. After the match, Kurt Angle’s music played and he walked to the ring and clotheslined Sabin and Shelley repeatedly. He delivered the Olympic Slam on Dutt.

Angle grabbed a mic and said Jarrett couldn’t get a cheap win and then walk away for good. “You may have won the battle, but you did not win the war,” Angle said. “And there’s a huge war that’s gonna go on.” Angle asked if Jarrett is a champion or a candy ass hick from Nashville. Angle said he’d pick apart all the talent in TNA until it was just him and Jeff back in the ring.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Kevin Nash, who said he comes first. “From now on, it’s Kevin Nash for life,” Nash said.


Highlights aired from BFG of the Sting vs. Samoa Joe match with Nash’s interference.

Sting walked to the ring with the TNA Title draped over his shoulder. He slapped the hands of fans at ringside and the live crowd chanted his name. Sting said he knows Samoa Joe should be standing in the ring as the champion. There were some boos. Sting admitted that Joe was the better wrestler at BFG and is the better wrestler overall.

“The old man bit off more than he could chew, Joe,” Sting said. He added that Joe had him defeated 10 minutes into the match. “You chose not to, Joe,” he said. “You chose to do what you always do, which is mock me like you and your generation always do.” He said Joe wanted to humiliate him and that’s why he’s no longer champion. Sting dropped Ric Flair’s name and said he had enough respect for him to beat him and take his win.

Sting said he’s the champion and it’s going to be that way. He recalled some people shaking his hand backstage while others would not. He said Styles was one of the people who did not shake his hand. Styles’s music interrupted Sting and he walked to the ring with a mic in his hand.

Styles complained that his wife is essentially a single mother because he’s on the road working for the company while Sting is at home coaching his son’s football team. He said it was guys like him, Low Ki, and Christopher Daniels who gave their blood, sweat, and tears for TNA.

Sting said Styles told him that he didn’t like the way his father raised him. He said if he continues to make the choices he is, he’s going to end up just like his dad. Styles slapped Sting across the face. Sting said he was going to let that go because of their history. “Don’t,” Styles said before slapping him again. Sting punched Styles and they traded punches until a group of referees pulled them apart.

Backstage, Kurt Angle beat the piss out of Curry Man. Shark Boy tried to make the save, but Angle beat him up too. Eric Young tried to help, but Angle got the better of him until security pulled him off.


Backstage, Borash interviewed Booker T while Sharmell sat by. Booker was in African mode again this week. Borash asked about the briefcase. Sharmell said Booker would reveal the contents of the briefcase to the world next week.

2. Booker T (w/Sharmell) defeated Hernandez (w/Homicide) in 5:00. Before the match, West said Hernandez has shown more passion than some of the veterans had earlier in their careers. Late in the match, Booker kicked Hernandez low and then hit him with the briefcase. Booker followed up with an axe kick and scored the pin.

The announcers hyped Kevin Nash vs. Consequences Creed, and Mick Foley’s goodbye for later in the show.

Backstage, Angle beat up Jimmy Rave and Lance Rock. Christy Hemme cried and pleaded with Angle not to beat up her team.

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Roxxi.


Backstage, Lauren chased after Christy Hemme in search of an update on the condition of Jimmy Rave and Lance Rock. You know, because everyone cares. She walked into Cute Kip and The Beautiful People. They harassed Christy, who kept saying she had to leave and then flipped them off. They beat her up and left her lying.

Angle walked into the arena and approached the announcers’ table. He looked at the announcers and then pointed at ring announcer Dave Penzer. Angle punched him and then threw him in the ring. Angle took Penzer’s shoe off and beat him with it until referees and security rushed the ring. Angle shoved them all down.

Jeff Jarrett’s music played and he walked to the ring and went nose to nose with Angle, who said he wanted his rematch on the spot. Jarrett told him to let it go. He said he doesn’t need to be in a wrestling ring because he has other things to take care of. Jarrett tried to leave.

Angle stopped him and asked if Jarrett remembered the brunch they had at Jeff’s house before Angle signed with TNA. “I know where you live, Jeff,” Angle said. “How about Uncle Kurt came to pay the kids a little visit?” Jarrett flipped and went after Angle, but the referees stopped him. Angle laughed as he left the ring and continued to taunt Jarrett from ringside.

A shot aired of Mick Foley walking backstage.


A video set to The Smashing Pumpkins song recapped the BFG pay-per-view.

Mick Foley walked to the ring for a promo wearing a “Wanted Dead or Alive Mick Foley” t-shirt. Tenay said the shirt would be featured on an upcoming episode of NBC’s “30 Rock.” The fans chanted for Foley. He said he’s not sure he deserves it. He said he’s been a junkie for 23 years. “A roller coaster junkie,” he joked.

Foley said he learned to live with the pain he suffered in pro wrestling. “I have been on a 23-year thrill ride,” Foley said. He said wrestling is like roller coasters in that sometimes you have to go back to the hotel and take a nice swim in the pool to prepare yourself for another ride.

Mick said the last few weeks have been one of the greatest thrill rides of his life. He said it’s time to say goodbye. “I want to thank you for one hell of a ride,” Foley said. “And I only wished it could have lasted a little bit longer.” Tenay said he wished the ride could have lasted longer too. Several referees and wrestlers came out to hug Foley.

Jarrett stood at the top of the entrance ramp and clapped. The camera picked up Jarrett asking Foley for 10 minutes of his time because he doesn’t want him to leave this way. Foley agreed and walked backstage with Jarrett as the show cut to break.


The announcers spoke to Jim Cornette by telephone “from Las Vegas.” He said the one guy in TNA he doesn’t think Angle wants anything to do with is Matt Morgan. Therefore, he booked Angle vs. Morgan for later in the show.

3. Roxxi pinned Raisha Saeed (w/Awesome Kong) in 3:45. At 3:00, Roxxi slid to ringside to take a swing at Kong, who clotheslined her. Kong went for a spinning back fist, but Roxxi moved and Kong slammed her hand on the ring post. Back inside the ring, Roxxi hit the Voodoo Drop for the win. After the match, Kong beat up Roxxi and left her lying.

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Matt Morgan, who said his mind isn’t on the match with Angle. He said his mind is with his best friend Chris Park (a/k/a Abyss). He blames himself for what happened to Abyss. “This is my best friend we’re talking about,” Morgan said. Highlights aired of Abyss being slammed through the burning table. Morgan said it would be a seven foot understatement to say Angle was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Backstage, Christy Hemme threw a hissy fit over what the Beautiful People did to her and vowed to be PMSing next week when she faces one of them.

At ringside, Tenay and West hyped the following matches and events for next week’s live show: Hemme vs. one of the Beautiful People, Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Jay Lethal for the X Division Title, Taylor Wilde vs. Awesome Kong for the TNA Knockouts Title, Booker T reveals what’s inside the briefcase, LAX vs. Beer Money vs. Team 3D vs. Abyss and Matt Morgan in a tag team text-off gauntlet, and Kevin Nash and Sting vs. Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles.

Backstage, Borash interviewed Consequences Creed, who went crazy in Apollo Creed style while hyping his match with Nash.


A commercial aired for Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.

West hyped TNA live events.

4. Kevin Nash beat Consequences Creed in 2:10. Nash dominated the match and then locked in the Cobra Clutch. He picked up Creed in the clutch and dropped him. Nash followed up with the Jackknife Powerbomb for the win.

After the match, there was a rough cut to Nash cutting a promo. He referred to Creed as “Unconscious Creed” and ripped the young guys. “They’re either arrogant or they’re some of the stupidest son of a bitches I’ve ever met,” Nash said. He said Joe must not have remembered running his mouth about Scott Hall 10 months ago.

Nash said the only people stupider are the people in the building who are still cheering for him. He said people hate him because he’s a giant and a genius. He said he’s the most intelligent man the business has ever produced. He said the women in the crowd wonder what it’s like to be “thrown around by a seven-foot monster.” He said he’s the greatest there’s ever been in the ring. Nash said the fans could pool their money together and they still wouldn’t have as much money as he spends in a strip joint in a month.

Backstage, Jarrett told Foley he’d get his phone and meet him in their car. Borash asked what was up. Foley said the best word to describe Jarrett’s brain is “maverick.” He added, “It’s all mavericky in there.”


A “Cross the Line” music video hyped TNA’s HD debut.

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Team 3D. She said what they did to Abyss at the PPV was “like an assault on Chris Park.” Brother Ray said Abyss got what he deserved and probably enjoyed it.

5. Kurt Angle defeated Matt Morgan. Morgan took control of the match at 2:30 and the show cut to commercial.


After the break, Morgan hit a cross body block on Angle for a nearfall. Nice way to come out of the break and get people back into the match. Tenay said Borash would update everyone on the Jarrett and Foley situation after the match.

Angle regained control and worked over Morgan’s knee while Tenay ran through next week’s lineup. At 9:00, Morgan connected with a big boot and went for a cover, but Angle kicked out. Later, Morgan hit his finisher, but Angle lifted his arm at the last moment to break up the pin. Morgan went for his finisher a second time, but Angle slipped out, hit the Angle Slam, and scored the pin.

After the match, Angle continued to work over Morgan’s knee. Abyss came out wearing street clothes. He backed Angle into a corner and then checked on Morgan. Angle attacked Abyss. Angle ripped open Abyss’s shirt, which revealed bandages that covered Abyss’s chest and back from the fire spot.

As Angle applied the ankle lock, Tenay said they were about to get the update they’ve been looking for. They cut to a shot outside the building where Jarrett and Foley were getting into a vehicle. Jarrett said they were going to talk politics. Foley said they were heading to Vegas together. He said he’d have a major announcement. He said it’s not a talent acquisition or a video game. Rather, he vowed to make an announcement that will shake the foundation of the wrestling world.

End of show…