The Jey Files – ECW Originals, Wrestling Getting Stale

ECW Originals, Current Wrestling Stale

Its They Jey Files peeps, and man am I kinda aggravated this week! ECW Originals are showing that most of the critics are right. WWE and TNA (as always for TNA) are REALLY stale as of lately. Lets get into my opinion.

I wanna spit something about TNA first of all so I can get it out of the way. Jarrett goes on his show and proceeds to tell the fans how he made his company to push new guys a few weeks back. And what happens? He gives Sting the title after telling the world how much he wants to push new guys. Everyone who watches wrestling knows its SCRIPTED, so its not like the match between Samoa Joe and Sting was all strictly chance. He basically proved my point and all the other critics who see TNA for what they really are. A wanna be mixture between ECW and WCW that just leaves bad tastes in your mouth.

SPEAKING OF ECW. Holy friggin shiznit. What is with all the old ECW wrestlers proving the points of all the haters??? Were we fooled into thinking that these guys actually were something special, or were guys like JBL and Bischoff right when they said they had no skill but to beat themselves up??? Guys like Sabu and RVD don’t have anything to prove in my book. But lets look at the rest. Sandman. The Hardcore Icon, former ECW World Champion. He’s retired. Then not retired. Then retired. Now we don’t know what he is. Justin Credible. Once also an ECW World Champ, and one half of The Impact Players. Now a breadstick baker and a failed promoter. The Franchise Shane Douglas, crossed lines and threw championship belts on the ground to prove points. Working for department stores. Balls Mahoney, the chair swingin freak. Now he does any show he can get booked on. Axle and Ian Rotton. Who the hell knows. I know Ian has been the IWA’s champ a few times, which I cant diss since CM Punk has held the same title. But still. I whole point is this; All these guys who didn’t want to play the game of being an established wrestler have really let down the whole Hardcore legacy. And don’t give me that same old crap about how Vince is evil and wants to change everyone. Last time I checked if you really had your own special aura, he didn’t try to change you at all. What do RVD, Undertaker and HBK all have in common? They never needed to evolve. Sure they have time to time, but did it hinder their career? I don’t think so.

Sadly to say as of lately, I’m finding myself just plain uninterested in wrestling at the moment. I try to watch some TNA to get some perspective on something new to keep me interested, but it doesn’t work. I like the fact that theres a ton of new guys in the WWE, but maybe theirs too many. Randy Orton’s come back is something to look forward to, but then we have to deal with Cena soon. What we really need to see is people in the spot light who can make things interesting. Matt Hardy as champ needs to change ASAP. I think I’d rather go back to the era of JBL as champ, at least I’d care about something happening in his matches as where Matt Hardy I couldn’t care less. Lets see Santino Marella actually defend the belt and make things interesting. Lets see Shelton Benjamin put his belt on the line for the first time in like 3 months. Lets see CM Punk and Edge go at it. The Great Khali is actually getting somewhat of what youd call respect, run with it. Lets see Vladimir Kozlov take the WWE belt and kick some serious ass with it. LETS SEE SUPERSTARS STAY ON THERE OWN BRANDS. That crap right there is really getting annoying.

In closing let me just say this. For all those people out there who are fighting along side Scott Hall in his drunken endevor to defend Owen Hart, please…SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! it’s a roast, and NOTHING is off limits at a ROAST. Don’t you people have Comedy Central??? The whole point of those things are to destroy people in a comedic manner and and go as offensive as possible. You guys have no problem watching those retarded Faces of Death videos, so you probably should shut up and stop acting like you knew Owen Hart and it offended you someone make a joke about him. If you have ever read anything on Owen Hart in the first place, you’d know Owen was a big prankster. So in some ways, that’s probably how Owen would want people to remember him because he’d probably be laughing with all of us. Do your history, pipe down and have a coke and a smile.


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