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Justin Credible Says He Will “Absolutely Not” Return To TNA

Posted by Vegas Martin in TNA News
Thursday, October 16th, 2008

The following has been posted over at

For years now, has brought you guests who have been successful and well known in the wrestling industry. They’ve been just great. Well, for the first time ever, this week welcomes a guest who is….

The former ECW Champion stopped by the Club for a hard-hitting 39 minute shoot that covered his entire career from the days of P.J. Walker to Aldo Montoya all the way to the Mr. Credible we know today. As he prepares for the big ECW Reunion on November 22nd (more info and tickets at Justin didn’t mince any words while speaking about such hot button topics including: The One Stipulation WWE Gave When He Asked For His Release, Aldo Montoya – “The Best of The Worst,” The Inspiration and Reason For The Gimmick, Why He Never Joined WCW, Why He Knew Wrestling Society X Wouldn’t Last, His Early Days As P.J. Walker, The Night P.J. Upset Irwin R. Shyster, Wrestling C.M. Punk in His WWE Debut, Being Trained By The Hart Family, Why He’ll Never Return to TNA, ROH, The Klique, , Hall and Nash, , , and Much More.

One topic that came up was Total Nonstop Action. During Justin’s shoot, James Guttman asked Credible if he planned on returning there at some point. The answer was direct:

“Nah. Absoltuely not.”

Justin went on to speak about TNA’s politics and structure. He compared them to WWE and explained why, besides his past stay there, he would not want to return. Then, in a story reminiscent of one Erik Watts told on (about wanting him fired for being too tall), Justin opens up with a tale from behind the curtain that will blow your mind…

“I remember the reason I was let go from TNA the last time because I had a last man standing match with Jerry Lynn where we had 20 minutes. We both bled buckets. We did false finishes. I gave him the Tombstone off the top rope. All sorts of wonderful stuff… The next day I come to find out at the production meeting Jerry Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett’s father who was still there at the time, got mad at Jeff for putting us on before him. Because Jeff couldn’t follow us. And Jerry Jarrett’s response was, ‘Well, hell, if you can’t follow them then why are you putting them on before you?’ And we both got heat for putting on too good of a match for Jeff Jarrett.”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg in an interview that was just incredible. To hear everything from Justin including countless other topics that went all the way from the Hart Dungeon to the Hammerstein Ballroom, you need to check out

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