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Jim Ross Explains Why Lance Cade Was Released From WWE

Posted by Vegas Martin in WWE News
Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

has updated the blog section of his website at, and this time around he addresses the reason why was released from WWE. JR blogged to clear the air over wrongful speculation that Cade was released due to poor performances in his recent Raw outings. Ross said the following:

As many of you know, Lance Cade was abruptly released from his contract this week much to the surprise of many of us. I have always thought that Cade had a wealth of physical potential and he was always a polite young man in my dealings with him. Like many fans, I too did my share of arm chair quarterbacking as to why Cade was not featured in a more prominent role on WWE TV programming. However it seemed that in the past several weeks those issues were being addressed even to the point of Cade defeating HBK on a recent Monday Night Raw.

The story that I have read on many internet sites about the reason for Cade’s sudden dismissal isn’t accurate. Many pundits speculate that Cade was dismissed because of a bad performance in a recent TV bout against on Raw which is absolutely untrue. Lance’s dismissal had zero to do with his in ring performances or his lack of ability.

Lance Cade was dismissed from the WWE because, like many humans, he made a major league mistake while utilizing bad judgment that cost him his job. This included Lance having a seizure on an airplane and having to have emergency medial care. Luckily, was on the same flight and was instrumental in helping Lance get taken to a hospital where a battery of tests were run that luckily determined that there was nothing seriously wrong with the young man such as a brain tumor, etc.

Everyone makes mistakes, Lord knows I have made plenty in my career, but in this day and time some mistakes just simply can’t be condoned. To some fans, Lance Cade will likely still be perceived as the victim in this matter and his punishment too harsh.

Under the circumstances of the situation, I don’t know what other decision the WWE could have made. I’m just relieved that it wasn’t me in my former role that would have had to address this matter. I really like this kid and hope that he continues to follow his dreams. Second chances are not foreign in the wrestling business so perhaps that could be in Lance’s future but that’s just a personal observation.

Lance Cade is a talented young man whose best days should be ahead of him and I wish him nothing but success. Lance has been knocked down and now it is up to him to get off the canvas and get back in the game. I’m damn sure pulling for him.

Let’s hope Lance’s peers are paying attention to this situation.

3 Responses to Jim Ross Explains Why Lance Cade Was Released From WWE:

  1. jason

    Date: Oct 16, 2008 at 10:52 am

    so he had a seizure so they fire him?

  2. Vegas Martin

    Date: Oct 16, 2008 at 12:12 pm

    What I get from it was he faked a seizure.

  3. wrestlerscooper

    Date: Oct 17, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    good. i hate lance cade. he was stupid when he left murdoch.

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