More Celebrities At RAW, HHH vs. MVP WWE Title Run?, Khali/Taker

There is a rumor going around that some people on the SmackDown writing team want to turn Jesse and Festus heel. The idea would be to give Festus a singles push with Jesse as his manager and mouthpiece, with the occasional tag team match.

Besides the guys from Jackass and Nancy O’Dell of Access Hollywood fame being in attendance at RAW in Anaheim last night, other celebrities included actors Kyle Massey, Michael Rapaport, Kaycee Stroh, Omar Miller and John Cena’s co-star in the upcoming movie 12 Rounds, Brian White.

It looked as if MVP was back in line for a main event role when WWE released cards for their upcoming tour of Mexico. MVP was listed in main event matches against Triple H for the WWE Title and tag matches teaming with The Great Khali to take on Triple H and The Undertaker. WWE actually sent out the old cards for the shows after sending out the new line-ups so there’s still a lot of confusion and nobody has a clue what the matches for Mexico are at this point, but we will keep you updated.

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