ECW on Sci-Fi Results – October 14, 2008

ECW on The SciFi Network
Taped in Las Vegas, NV

ECW on Sci Fi opened with Mark Henry and Tony Atlas heading to the ring as they reviewed Mark Henry laying out Jamie Noble and Matt Hardy on last week’s show. Atlas talked about how Henry sent a “painful” message to Matt Hardy last week. Atlas said Henry deserved to be ECW Champion, and the longer he had to wait to be champion, the more painful the message would get for Matt Hardy.

ECW General Manager Theodore R. Long came out and questioned Mark Henry thinking he deserved a title match because he and Atlas double teamed Hardy last week. Long argued with Atlas, then said he would give Henry an opportunity, but he wouldn’t make the final decision. Long announced that at Cyber Sunday, the fans would vote (via text) to determine the challenger for Matt Hardy’s ECW Title at the PPV. The choices would be Henry, and the winners of two qualifying matches tonight. Henry was irate over the decision. Long said the first match would start right now.

Evan Bourne entered, but Mark Henry hadn’t left the ring. Bourne offered Henry a handshake, but when Henry went to take his hand, Bourne pulled it away, then quickly backed away from Henry, smiling. Henry was agitated, but Atlas got him to exit the ring as they went to break.

Cyber Sunday Qualifying Match: Evan Bourne vs. Chavo Guerrero.

They locked up, with Chavo grabbing a side mare and applying a headlock.  Bourne threw it off and Chavo hit a shoulderblock, but Bourne kipped up and hit an armdrag.  Chavo slid to the floor to regroup.  Chavo tripped Bourne and floated over him into a headlock.  Chavo switched to an armbar, and Bourne used some knees to the body and an armdrag, but Chavo wouldn’t release his hold.  Bourne finally escaped with a springboard armdrag, then hit another armdrag off the second rope and applied a keylock.  Chavo hit a knee to the gut, a kick, and a forearm, then stomped Bourne in the corner.  Chavo rammed Bourne into the top turnbuckle, then hit some punches.  Chavo went for a hiptoss, but Bourne turned it into a bodyscissors, then switched it into an armdrag.  Chavo slid to the floor, and Bourne leaped over the top rope turning halfway in mid-air into a plancha, hitting Chavo as they went to break.

Back from commercial, Bourne went for a standing moonsault on Chavo in the ring, but Chavo got his knees up. Chavo applied a leglock, and we saw that during the break Bourne hit a top rope double knee shot, but found out Chavo used a single leg crab in retaliation. Chavo applied a Mutalock, but Bourne broke out. Bourne went to the apron and tried a slingshot over Chavo’s back, running to the opposite ropes, but Chavo blasted him with a rolling Liger kick. Chavo stomped Bourne, but Bourne fought back with a series of kicks to the leg and body. Bourne rolled up Chavo for a two count. Bourne hit a jumping knee, then some shoulderblocks in the corner. Bourne put Chavo on the top rope and hit a palm strike, then went for a top rope rana. Chavo moved though, and Bourne crotched himself on the top rope and crashed to the mat. Chavo scored a two count, then applied a single leg crab.

Bourne struggled in the hold, and went for the ropes, but Chavo pulled him back to center ring. Chavo pulled too quickly though, and Bourne rolled under Chavo and hit some upkicks to knock Chavo down. Bourne missed a kick and Chavo went for the Three Amigos. Chavo hit two suplexes, but Bourne busted out with a knee on the third. Bourne hit a spin kick, but Chavo returned fire. Chavo went to the second rope, but Bourne leaped up from the mat and caught Chavo with a rana. Bourne then hit Chavo with the Shooting Star Press for the pin at the thirteen minute mark.

Winner: Evan Bourne.

Mark Henry ran out and planted Bourne with the World’s Strongest Slam.  Henry grabbed Bourne’s motionless hand and shook it, then walked off, leaving Bourne laying in the ring.  After the replays, they showed Bourne getting up in the ring, while Henry watched from the stage.

They announced the other qualifying match for tonight would be Finlay vs. John Morrison.

A video package for the Boogeyman was shown, announcing he would be returning to ECW.

They plugged Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov for this Friday’s Smackdown.

Backstage, Theodore R. Long was on the phone when Tiffany walked in dressed as a Vegas Showgirl for Sci Fi’s “31 Days Of Halloween).  Tiffany said she had the perfect costume for Long since they are in Vegas, and pulled out an Elvis jumpsuit.  Jack Swagger entered and complained about not being included in the qualifying matches tonight.  Long said Swagger needed to prove himself first.  Tommy Dreamer entered and asked Long for consideration for the first title match after Cyber Sunday.  Long said he would think about it.  Swagger told Dreamer that it wasn’t 1996 anymore, and that ECW was now about people like himself who are building legacies, not people like Dreamer who are bastardizing there legacy.  Dreamer glared at Swagger as he walked away.

Morrison and Miz were shown heading to the ring.

Cyber Sunday Qualifying Match: John Morrison, with The Miz, vs. Finlay, with Hornswoggle.

They locked up and jockeyed for position.  Finlay grabbed a side headlock, then hit a shoulderblock for a two count.  Finlay slammed Morrison and went for an arm wringer, but Morrison ducked behind him and grabbed a cradle, but Finlay swept his leg out and applied a leglock.  Morrison countered into an attempted jujigatame, but Finlay blocked it and turned into a leglock.  Morrison grabbed a chinlock to escape, but Finlay kept holding onto his foot, even as they got to his feet, and Finlay tripped Morrison to the mat and applied a leglace.  Finlay drove his knee into Morrison’s leg, but Morrison kicked him with his free leg.  Finlay took the kick, and turned Morrison into a single leg crab.  Finlay switched to a front facelock, and backed Morrison to a corner.  Morrison kicked Finlay in the gut and hit some crossface blows.  Morrison hit a running knee to the head for a two count, then applied an armbar.  There was a “Johnny Nitro” chant.  Wow, Vegas fans remember!  Morrison kept the armbar, and the fans chanted “Let’s Go Finlay”.  Morrison went for a back drop, but Finlay kicked it away.  Miz tried to trip Finlay, but missed and when Morrison charged, Finlay threw him out of the ring onto Miz.  Finlay then distracted the referee while Hornswoggle got in the ring, then dove out into a tope on both men.  Hornswoggle got under the ring, then dragged Miz under it as well.  Finlay threw Morrison back into the ring as they went to break.

Back from commercial, Morrison was back to working over Finlay’s arm.  Miz and Hornswoggle were apparently still under the ring. We saw that Finlay used the apron trap on Morrison during the break, but Morrison came back with a jumping kick from the floor as Finlay was trying to pull him into the ring.  Finlay broke out of the armbar, but missed a charge and ran shoulder first into the ringpost.  Morrison continued to work on the arm with kicks and flipped him to the mat by the limb before reapplying an armbar.  Finlay busted out by ramming Morrison into a corner, but Morrison nailed Finlay with a clothesline.  Morrison went for a cover, but Finlay reversed it for a two count.  A frustrated Morrison hit a series of punched, then went back to the armbar.  Crowd is starting to tire of the armbar.  Finlay kicked up from the mat and got out of the hold.  Morrison whipped Finlay into a corner, but Finlay put on the brakes and as he turned collided head to head with a charging Morrison.  Both men got to their feet and Finlay grabbed a backslide for a two count.  Finlay hit some clotheslines, then a shoulderblock in the corner.  Finlay hit the forward rolling Samoan Drop for a two count. Morrison kicked an advancing Finlay, but Finlay scooped up Morrison for a Celtic Cross.  Morrison wiggled out and hit a backbreaker and neckbreaker.

Hornswoggle got into the ring to distract the referee, and Finlay went for the Shillelagh.  Mike Knox came out and grabbed the Shillelagh away.  Morrison hit Finlay with a springboard kick, but only got a two count.  Mike Knox was grabbed at ringside and dragged under the ring. Morrison went to a corner and ripped off a turnbuckle pad.  As the referee went to fix it, Cryme Tyme emerged from under the ring (explaining how “Hornswoggle” was able to drag Miz and Knox under it) and gave Finlay the Shillelagh.  Finlay blasted Morrison with it, and the referee turned and counted the pinfall at the sixteen minute mark.

Winner: Finlay.

Cryme Tyme got in the ring to celebrate, and Finlay blasted both of them with the Shillelagh, while Hornswoggle laughed.  Finlay and Hornswoggle exited, but Mark Henry ambushed Finlay on the stage and gave him a World’s Strongest Slam to end the show