Ashley Massaro Posing for Playboy Magazine Again?

– Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro has been talking about “the secret” on her MySpace blog or sometime now and just now posted some hints at what it may be. Ashley wrote the following:

So I know from my last blog you guys are wanting to know about the big ole secret ;o) well youll find out soon enough I promise…and in the mean time, I can give you a little hint at a piece of wonderful news I got the other day. I’ll give you a few guesses. Heres your hint, k….it was awesome that I had an opp to do it last time and I loved it…..n….it starts with a capital P ))))))))

The only thing that makes any sense is Playboy Magazine. Ashley has posed for Playboy before and has said she enjoyed doing it. We’ll keep you updated.

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