Abyss Injury Update, Foley’s New TV Show Announced

– Abyss suffered burns to his arm last night at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view last night as they didn’t completely cover him with the fire extinguisher after the spot with Team 3D. No word yet if it will keep Abyss out of the ring, but he will probably miss some time so the injury can completely heal and avoid infection.

– Lost Colony Entertainment issued a press release this morning announcing that Mick Foley has signed on for SpikeTV’s “Hey Dude!,” where he will play a character named Mick Foley, a former pro wrestler and author who is pursuing an acting career. Although the release mentions SpikeTV, it also says they are in talks with network execs to try and find a home for the show so producers can roll by Spring of 2009. Also joining the show will be Rupert Bonoeham from Survivor fame and other noted names that producers are still working on.

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