News from the FCW-WWE Tapings; More Umaga, Y2J, Kizarny, More

Some news and notes from WWE’s developmental tapings at FCW this past Thursday night, which appeared to be a double taping…

– Dolph Ziggler wrestled his last few matches before getting suspended that night. Dolph lost to TJ Wilson early on the show and teamed with Gavin Spears to lose to the FCW Tag Team Champions Heath Miller and Joe Hennig later on in the show.

– When FCW Champion Sheamus O’Shaunessey came out to cut a promo, he pretty much asked Batista for an apology for giving him a Spinebuster the last time The Animal was in FCW. Batista came out and started backing Sheamus in the corner until the monster Black Pain came out and attacked him from behind. Batista took out Pain with a spear and clotheslined him out of the ring. Batista posed for the crowd and says FCW is the future of wrestling.

– Alicia Fox, the wedding planner from the Edge and Vickie Guerrero storyline, was back for another week. Alicia came to ringside with Jack Gabriel for one match and later on in the show, she teamed with Roucka to lose to Kelly Kelly and Wesley Holiday, the former Miss Daisy.

– WWE’s newest SmackDown Superstar, Kizarny, then known as Sinn Bowdee defeated fellow SmackDown Superstar Scotty Goldman. Scotty is now being introduced as a member of the SmackDown roster. Sinn defeated Goldman with his finisher, the Tallula Bella, which is descrbed as a double underhook DDT with a leg scissors locked on the midsection of his opponent. Sinn was interviewed by ECW Diva Tiffany after the match but we’re not sure what was said.

– One-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Primo Colon worked the tapings, defeating Stu Sanders in a quick match. Ricky Ortiz also worked the show, teaming with TJ Wilson and Johnny Prime to defeat Brian Kelly, Kafu and Drew McIntyre.

– The World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho came out to a great reaction and lots of “Y2J” chants from the crowd. Jericho told the fans to shove those chants up their asses. Jericho talked about Cyber Sunday, Batista and the special referees and left the ring area, but not after getting in the faces of some fans at ringside.

– Umaga made his return to action after Black Pain’s match. After Pain defeated Trent Baretta, the lights in the arena dimmed and the entrance area lit up. Everyone thought it was going to be Edge since he was seen in the parking lot earlier signing autographs. Umaga came out, got in Black Pain’s face and had an intense moment. Black Pain backed down and left the ring. As Baretta got to his feet, Umaga knocked him back into the corner with a side kick. Umaga then charged the guy, hitting him in the corner and dropped him with a Samoan Spike.

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