Comedian Blogs on the Scott Hall Incident from the Weekend

– “Roundboy” Jimmy Graham, alleged comedian, has posted a blog on his MySpace page discussing the encounter between himself and Scott Hall and the Iron Sheik Roast on October 10, 2008. The entry reads as follows (all spelling errors are as they appear in the blog):

“Last night while roasting the legendary Iron Sheik, I told a fairly off color joke. I’ll let you be the judge!
I said, ‘After the Sheik and Hacksaw Jim got caught sniffing coke in the parking lot his career fell faster than Owen Heart’
This didn’t go over so well!
Scott Hall otherwise known as Razor Ramone rushed the stage, threw the podium and grabbed me by the throat. He jammed me into the wall, the whole time I was smiling (although I wasn’t sure if it was schtick or not).

Who am I kidding I pooped myself!
My good buddy King Kong Bundy came to the rescue, along with several security guards and pulled the drunken bohemoth off of me!
I had some fans there to see me tear the sheik up and they were screaming from the audience to run roundboy run!
Even my buddy Scotty Schwartz (Flick from A christmas Story) was trying to help get the beast off of me.
About 10 minutes later the cops showed up and hauled Ramone away after tazoring him outside the lobby of the Crowne Plaza.
The whole thing will be on DVD and I’m sure youtube.
I just want to say the joke was pure evil but I was paid to write a ROAST!
I loved Owen Heart as a wrestler and a man. I think he would have laughed!”