Updates on SmackDown’s New Character, Orton’s Return, More

– As reported yesterday, during a European broadcast, WWE advertised Randy Orton vs. CM Punk for the November 7th house show event in Rome, Italy, which means Orton’s in-ring return date is less than a month away. You can see an image still promoting Orton’s match at the following link. WWE’s also advertising a World Heavyweight Championship match between Chris Jericho and Batista at the November 6th house show in Milan, Italy. You can see the image still promoting the match at the following link.

– Also as reported yesterday, WWE has plans to debut a new character speaking carny — the secret language of carnival workers. On last night’s edition of SmackDown, vignettes promoting the debut of WWE developmental wrestler Sinn Bowdee began to air. He was shown at a carnival talking carny. The vignette referred to him as Kizarny, his new WWE ring name.