Update on the Scott Hall Story and Another Crazy Incident

– Georgiann Makropoulos is reporting that the story on Scott Hall getting arrested at the Iron Sheik roast last night that was originally reported by Dave Meltzer is not true. The comedian did make the sick joke about Owen Hart and Scott Hall did go crazy on the guy. Scott also did throw punches at the guy but was not arrested.

Georgie reports that Scott Hall is still set for the Legends of the Ring convention today as is Jake Roberts. Superstar Billy Graham will be there for his final signing appearance due to his health. Konnan won’t be there due to commitments with the AAA promotion in Mexico and X-Pac may not be there due to him missing a flight. Also, Dawn Marie won’t be a vendor guest but may be replaced by Terri Runnels.

Furthermore, Bill Apter, the roast master at the show posted an article online with more details. The joke about Owen Hart was directed at Apter in the first place. Apter said a few moments before Jerry Graham made the sick joke, Hall had entered the banquet room acting his normal self, being “NWO cool.” Apter says as soon as Hall heard the remark, he changed tune and lunged at Graham, pushing him. Graham must have thought Hall was “acting” as he looked to be almost laughing.

According to Apter, security was able to calm Hall down and have him leave the room. At this point, everyone in the room was angered at the bad joke made by Graham. Kevin Sullivan took the mic and calmed everyone down. Hall ended up coming back several times but the show went on. Another incident happened at the roast where B. Brian Blair offered his hand to Sheik and apologized for anything in the past that Sheik found offensive. Sheik accepted Blair’s apology but went on to slap him in the face.

Either way, we’ll keep you updated on Scott Hall.

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