The Chick Who Kissed Khali on SmackDown, RAW Star Injured, More

– Video has surfaced online of the Scott Hall incident last night at the roast for The Iron Sheik. Needless to say, Hall was pissed off.

– WWE RAW Superstar D-Lo Brown has a new blog online where he talks about an injury he just found out about:

I was in my Bone and Joint doctor’s office yesterday.  (Hey Dr. Mike!) I’ve been going to the same guy for a number of years now.  My left elbow has been  bothering me quite a bit in recent weeks.  He checked it out.  Took x-rays.  He asked me, “When did you break your elbow?”  I explained that I hadn’t.  “Yes you did.  But it’s healed now,” he tells me.  Turns out my current injury is Medial Epicondylitis……yup, golfer’s elbow.  Never really golfed a day in my life but….ok.  More than likely this condition simply comes from repetitive movement from lifting, strain, stress, that type of thing.  Wrestling is probably covered in there somewhere.  LOL.

– I thought the segment on Friday Night SmackDown with The Great Khali kissing that hot chick from the crowd was great. Ranjin Singh was great and although they tried their best to play that chick, she had to have fun. has a video of Tazz interviewing the woman. She’s married and her husband was in the crowd with her and obviously didn’t have a problem with her kissing the former World Heavyweight Champion.

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