Linda McMahon Comments on WWE Fans, More on the Scott Hall Story

– Our original story on Scott Hall last night was breaking news and when items like that come out, details sometimes are incorrect. The original story, from Dave Meltzer, noted that the joke made by comedian Jerry Graham about the late Owen Hart was directed to Bill Apter. Comedian Ryan Maher, who was at the roast, posted a blog on MySpace talking about what happened at the show. According to Maher, Hall got pissed off after Graham said, “When the Iron Sheik got pulled over and arrested on the Jersey Turnpike his career fell harder and faster then Owen Hart.”  Regardless of what the guy said, it was horrible and way out of line. He definitely had it coming to him, if not worse.

The New York Times has a new article up on Linda McMahon, where she talks about how she got into the business, what WWE is today and other things.

When talking about content and the WWE fans, Linda said, “Technology keeps you on your toes. We have spectators e-mailing photos during the show, and they’re all over the Internet before the show is even over. It’s instant distribution on a global basis. One of our performers can be out just shopping for sneakers, and all of a sudden it’s a viral video on YouTube.”

She also said her most cherished title is “Gamma Gamma” which was given to her by her and Vince’s first grandchild.

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