Huge Fight and Arrests at TNA’s Hotel Last Night

– Last night police were called to the hotel bar which TNA is staying at for the Bound For Glory pay-per-view tomorrow. A drunk person got into with former ECW original, Hack Myers who helps backstage with TNA. It isn’t clear who started the confrontation but eventually the drunk’s wife got involved. Many TNA workers, including Homicide and Brother Devon tried to calm both sides down, but then the drunk started using racial remarks and saying that he wasn’t afraid of anyone. Atlas Security also stepped in and if they hadn’t it wouldn’t gotten really out of hand. A chair was thrown and a glass table was broken. The drunken couple was arrested when around 10 police officers arrived to the hotel. The racial comments continued the entire time the police were trying to remove the couple from the hotel.

No TNA talent was arrested. According to sources, there were alot of fans witnessing it so photos/video could appear online soon.