JR Blog: Bret Hart’s Book, Flair Update, Warrior Book, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update over at jrsbarbq.com. A few of the highlights this time around:

– I can’t remember when I felt compelled to read one “wrestling” book twice but the Bret Hart book is the first. If you are a real fan of the business and you don’t read this book then you are not really a fan of the business. Make sense? The book is now available at Amazon.com and would make a great holiday gift idea. Just don’t expect Bret to sign yours as he signed mine. 🙂 Bottom line (thanks Stone Cold) is BUY THE BOOK!

– Listening to some young wrestlers talk amongst themselves recently, I was shocked to hear of the variety of subject matters they so “profoundly” discussed. IPods, IPhones, “I” period but nothing about wrestling, counters, submissions, paying their taxes, saving their money, hiring a financial planner, preparing for their future….you get the picture. It is easy for many of today’s wrestlers to bitch and moan about their position in their chosen profession or lack thereof and provide an overall woe is me version of their lives to whomever will listen but change for the better, or worse, starts with looking in the mirror. I walked away from this inadvertent eavesdropping shaking my head but thinking that young wrestlers are no different than young stockbrokers (bad analogy), young professionals, etc. All company’s can do a better job in putting the right tools in the hands of their people but only the people themselves can make the tools work for them. Broke and seemingly helpless wrestlers from any era can largely blame themselves for not having the common sense or discipline to prepare for their futures.

– The “Naitch” called yours truly today from L.A. He sounded great and was, surprise, staying REALLY busy. He wanted to wish the Sooners good luck this Saturday against the ‘Horns. Ric sounded refreshed and happy and truly excited about some upcoming projects that he could not elaborate on at the moment but one could tell he was jacked about the future. I wish my dear friend nothing but the very best and hope that all his ventures are “hits.” It sounds as if a MAJOR announcement will be forthcoming from Flair’s “people.”

– I read of the proposed “tell all” book about “The Warrior” to be written by his ex-wife. Sounds juicy and sensational based on the press release that I read. I doubt that “The Warrior” and yours truly will ever exchange Xmas cards but I don’t feel good about this project as I am not a die hard fan of “tell all’s” that love to dish the dirt. Warrior is his own man, is outspoken and has every right with which to be so whether I personally agree with him or not but to have one’s former life exposed to what ever level is tough to swallow. Even if the book is embellished to a degree some readers will believe every word of it. Perhaps in the eyes of some this story “needs” to be told but I don’t see it. It will be interesting to see how well this book sells, any pending litigation that it may incur, etc. Based on societal trends, the book will likely sell well.

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