Former WWE Superstar Rips The Ultimate Warrior

– Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters doesn’t have anything positive to say about Ultimate Warrior after appearing on the show that featured Warrior’s comeback match. In fact, Masters went so far as to refer to Warrior as “Ultimate Asshole” in a Slam Wrestling story. “The guy is 50 years old and he expected the red carpet rolled out for him in NWE,” Masters said. “We were doing a three-week tour of Spain and they brought him in to create a buzz for the product. He had one match to do with Orlando Jordan for our big show in Barcelona.

“They rented him a house and flew out his wife and daughters and all I was hearing about from the guys higher up was his bitching and saying, ‘I am the Ultimate Warrior, you should be promoting this more,’ and doing everything he possibly could to be a dick and make it hard for those of us who were working every day busting our asses.”





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  • mogamer

    Well it’s nice to know that’s success hasn’t changed him.

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