Update on Primo & Carlito’s Team, Kozlov’s WWE Title Run?, More

– A Vladimir Kozlov WWE Title run is said to not be out of the realm of possibility.

– One of the reasons WWE put Carlito together with his brother Eddie (Primo) in a tag team is because they believe it will help improve Carlito. Eddie is said to have a great attitude and works hard. They are hoping it rubs off on Carlito, with the idea that he won’t want his little brother to outshine him in WWE.

– Elijah Burke, who hasn’t appeared on television since the end of May, was one of the many residents of Texas without power for weeks due to the effects of Hurricane Ike.

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  • it seems like no matter how hard Vince tries, he will never get the same fan base he once had. this is all his fault. greedy prick!
    so he doesn’t get taxed to death- he kills his father’s creation and calls it, “sports entertainment”–we know the shit is fake-so why pimp it out?= he’s a greedy fuck!!!

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