The Dog Pound – The Return

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages…the Dog Pound…is back! I would first like to apologize for my longer than planned hiatus from writing. I recently moved into my own place and was without internet for about two weeks. So, barring some possible chance that the internet stops working again once I shut down my computer, I am now officially back, and ready to write!

Let’s see, what has happened since the last time I wrote. Ah yes, the ppv No Mercy. A show headlined by a dream match of mine and every other wrestling fan out there) Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho in a Ladder Match for the World Title. Now, everyone knows that I am a HUGE fan of Michaels, but to be honest, I was pulling for Jericho in this one in hopes that his reign would continue. As we now see, it will. I can tell you, I am loving how Jericho’s character has evolved week after week. I am hoping that the WWE really gives this guy a lengthy run with the title. I won’t be happy with any less than say, eight months.

The other big title match of course was HHH vs. Jeff Hardy for the WWE title. I can tell you that I was pretty sure the WWE was going to pull a shocker and put the title on Hardy this time. Not to be however, and the Game’s reign continues. A solid match by the two however, and as my fellow collegue Linda Robin stated, these two have amazing chemistry together. For the time being, that brass ring eludes Hardy once more, but I truly believe his time is coming.

Speaking of people getting their time, what happened to this push for The Brian Kendrick? It seems to me that his push has been stalled for the time being, and we’re getting Vladimir Koslov in his place. Now, I don’t have a huge problem with this, as I have been fairly impressed with Koslov thus far, but I am very bummed that Kendrick is once again seemingly taking a back seat. This guy has all the skills, and I believe he showed us all recently that if given a mic, he can cut decent promos. Can Koslov? The reason for this though is obvious; Koslov is bigger and has the build Vince likes. So, we get another case where Vince pushes who he wants, and tells us fans what we’ll like and what we’ll cheer for.

One guy I have taken a liking to however, R-Truth. I didn’t really care for him during his hey-day as K-Kwik, and I didn’t even really care for him when he was in TNA, but since returning to the WWE, he seems to have a new life within him. His mini-fued/program with Shelton Benjamin has been good thus far. Hopefully the WWE doesn’t pull the plug to soon and if there is a title switch, it has the time to be built up and really mean something for Truth.

How could I not mention a guy that has been the highlight week after week on both ECW and Raw? I speak of course of Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal for you long time fans). This guy has been amazing every time he steps in front of a live crowd. See what happens when the WWE lets people go out and just be themselves, the crowd takes to them better. he may have a different name, but that folks is Matt Sydal doing what he does best. I would love to see a Sydal/Colt Cabana tag team! Hey, we can all dream can’t we?

I’ll close this week by proposing this to all of you, could we see Edge making his return at Cyber Sunday? When he does, could we possibly see Edge return as a face? I say yes. See, fans have continued to hate Vickie Guerrero no matter what she does, and upon his return, I could see Edge going after Vickie and Big Show for sending him to “hell.” Perhaps we could even see Edge and Undertaker form a sort of unholy alliance for the time being. Ah, all dreams that I would love to see come true!

Well that does it for me this week, I know this column jumped around quite a bit, and I know my writing is a bit rusty. Give me some time and that ring rust will wear off! Until next time, thank you to all my readers who stick with me through all the late email responses and unplanned breaks. And to my buddy Jake, World’s Collide is coming!


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