More News and Notes on WWE’s Cyber Sunday PPV

– Mitchell sent the following: I (like I assume many international WWE fans) was not happy with WWE changing the voting system for the PPV to Text messages which stopped us from voting, But there was an ad during Raw here in Australia saying that we are able to vote for the PPV using the ‘Active’ feature on our remotes. This way of voting forCyber Sunday has been available in Australia for the past few years.  The ad also mentioned to go to for details about the PPV and voting. Voting is available now (So far only during the Wrestling) and costs the same as a “local call”.  When you enter your vote you can enter a competition to win a replica     WWE Spinner belt or several runner up prizes.

– The current plan is for six matches on WWE’s Cyber Sunday pay-per-view to feature fan voting.

SPOILER: Another HUGE Match with Big Stipulations to be Added on RAW!