Criticism Within WWE Over Two RAW Superstar Pushes

– There has been some second-guessing on the RAW side as of late because they’re putting more effort into the characters of Santino Marella and Charlie Haas than anyone else. While both do a good job with their respective characters, neither are big ratings movers nor tapped to generate real money for the company in the future.

Hornswoggle was in the same situation last year as officials felt the need to push him due to his angle with Vince McMahon. Hornswoggle has attracted a lot of young kids, an audience WWE desires, but a number of his segments on RAW last year flopped in the ratings. Ironically, he may have helped ECW at first following his move to the brand over the summer (the kid demo greatly improved), but even if he did, it’s not the case anymore as the ratings have slid back down to pre-Mark Henry as ECW Champion levels.

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  • Lou

    Santino is one of VERY few wrestlers I tune into RAW for. I will NEVER change the channel when he is on because unlike most segments anymore I am always entertained.

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