Update on WWE’s Storyline with Jackass and Original Plans

– It looks like WWE is bringing back the angle with Jackass and Johnny Knoxville. I thought something was up when the news of the interview gone bad first came out the other day. Then, when WWE mentioned it on their website I figured it was a go. They originally had something planned for SummerSlam 2007 and then when that got nixed, there was talk of them doing something at Royal Rumble earlier this year. The Jackass crew even filmed spots and shot promotional material for the pay-per-view. Some of the Jackass guys said back then that the plans with WWE had been moved to a future pay-per-view. Umaga was originally the Superstar set to work with Jackass but with him out injured, it looks like it will be The Great Khali giving it a shot.

The partnership with WWE could really help the Jackass crew out as their were some reports of their JackassWorld project being in trouble after MTV was planning to pull most of its financial support. Jackass also will be releasing another movie, Jackass 3, in early 2009 and I’m sure they’d love to use WWE as a vehicle to promote.

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