The Jey Files – HBK The New Flair, Sandman & Douglas

What’s up peeps, it’s The Jey Files! Not much to introduce, the title says it all. I’m just gonna get into it faster than the fall of the stock market.

 So. After No Mercy, I think that its official that we can call HBK the new Ric Flair. We all knew Flair wasn’t going to get any major world title runs at all. Not even an ECW title run. Then his all his boasting for reason of being a 16 time champ would have meant nothing and it would have been 17 and years of years of showing off wouldn’t mean much. He made enough history he didn’t need to make anymore. Same with HBK. He’s done so much and accomplished so much that WWE won’t give him another title run. He’s now just going to be the guy who puts over other wrestlers. And now that Chris Jericho is “done with Shawn”, he’ll probably go on to put over Lance Cade now. It really doesn’t make since. And whats up with them confenscading someone sign because it said “Has Been Kid”??? I know that’s how I feel at the moment. WWE is crazy sometimes. Its just like when they just skip over history like they have been doing with HBK and Jericho. They say that’s the most “emotional” rivalry both of them have had. I don’t know about Jericho too much, but the Triple H and HBK one was twice, maybe even three times as better as this one. And I know most will agree with me.

 Just real quick…Cena is on his way to coming back. Damn it. I guess that means RAW’s ratings are starting to rise too much and they want to lower it.
Sandman announced his retirement. I haven’t heard that it is 100% official, but none the less, lets address it. When they brought in all the original ECW superstars, everyone thought it was too good to be true. It was. It’s not that Sandman or all the rest didn’t fit the image I think. I think its just because he raised his own image in a free lance surroundings in ECW and when he went to WWE it wasn’t the same. The cookie cutter image can always be broke if your good enough and play the game. Lets remember The Rock used to be Rocky Maivia and Stone Cold was The Ringmaster. They broke out of those roles, and Sandman could have done it too. He could have used the new contract with WWE as a way to reinvent himself. History has shown when superstars go and remake their marks in the industry, it usually pays off big. Being a heel or a face isn’t exactly anything different, but just a change of character. HBK was a face in the beginning of his carrer, right? Then he was a heel. Then back to a face. So his heel turn again wasn’t anything new, but he picked up Triple H and made DX. Made something different out of himself. And making something different is what ECW was all about my friends, so why did all the originals not do that for themselves? Who knows.

 While were on the topic of the ECW originals, I got a beef real quick with WWE. I picked up a copy of the WWE Magazine “300 Greatest WWE Stories”. They have a section in it where they mention all the guys who were listed as “Next Big Things” but didn’t come through like they wanted. They listed Virgil. Okay, understandable. Then they listed Ahmed Johnson which is even more understandable in a Brock Lesnar or Bobby Lashley type of way. And then they listed someone who is in no way a failed superstar. Shane Douglas. What the hell. Sure, he was a short tenure in WWE hat didn’t do much. But they gave him the Intercontinental Belt so they realized he had talent. You might be thinking “Well so did Ahmed Johnson”, but the difference between them both is Shane went on to be a great in ECW. Shane went on to be a legend in the wrestling underground. WWE knew that and exploited it in the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD that THEY made. They knew he had accomplished more than most wrestlers they proclaim to be greats and they still sh*t on him. I know I defend WWE quite a bit but I’m not down with that one guys. Not at all. It would have been different if they said that Shane didn’t make it in WWE but then recognized they accomplishments in ECW, but they didn’t. Its jacked up. And for all you haters out there who say I defend WWE no matter what, I’m ECW before WWE all the way. But ECW is dead, and when someone steps on their grave is when I draw the line.


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