Jim Ross Blog: RAW & No Mercy, HHH vs. Big Show, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update over at jrsbarbq.com. Below are some of the highlights:

– Last Friday’s debut of Smackdown on MyNetworkTV was a ratings success with over 3 million viewers. The challenge is to build on that number, but it can be done with stout broadcasts.

– How mentally and physically tough are Chris Jericho and HBK? Damn tough. After Sunday’s Ladder Match, these two were deeply involved in Monday’s Raw. In the old Turner WCW, several stars would have been absent from Nitro the night after a physical PPV match.

– I enjoyed Raw Monday night from my hotel room in Spokane.

– Multiple announcers on Raw during the Jillian-Kelly match must have been a nightmare for the closed captioning person.

– HHH-Jeff Hardy had a great wrestling bout at No Mercy…one of the I have had the privilege of calling in years. Both men came out of the match the better. Awesome counters and classic strategy.

– My vote to oppose Santino Marella at Cyber Sunday is the Honky Tonk Man. The King’s estranged first cousin can still entertain and can hang with the reigning IC Champion.

– HHH vs. The Big Show on Friday Night Smackdown should be a big time main event. What is GM Vickie Guerrero’s “relationship” with Show? Isn’t Vickie still married to Edge? Sounds like an episode of “As the World Turns.” Stay tuned.

UPDATES: New Pics of Kelly Kelly in Lingerie, Edge and Vince’s Return, Rare Cena Pics, More!