Bret Hart Speaks on the Montreal Incident & Ric Flair

– Former WWE Champion Bret Hart commented on writing about the his side of the Montreal incident for his autobiography in an interview with Alfonso Castillo of Newsday Steel Cage blog.

“I wanted them to at least look and put themselves in my shoes and put themselves in the dressing room and asked themselves if they had been me, what would they have done? Would they have had – for the lack of a better word – would they have had the balls to get up and knock him out? To stand up and do something about it? I could sense that day that it was kind of like everybody, or a lot of people, would have expected me to just blow it off and maybe say a few words to him and tell him he was a real jerk or something like that – slam the door and walk out,” Hart said. “I think that’s what Vince (McMahon) was looking for. That’s all anybody ever does. Everyone is so job scared. But for me it was different. I grew up with wrestling, like Vince did. It was my whole life, and my whole family had given so much for the industry. And I thought about how much it would hurt my father at home and my kids were watching. I thought what I did and how I handled things was a defining moment for me and my character – not my wrestling character, but my own character as a human being. I always thought it was the best thing I ever did.”

Bret also commented on working with Ric Flair. “People always talk about who the best wrestlers are. I actually go to maybe too much of an explanation about someone like Ric Flair for example. They rave about Ric Flair about being this great, great wrestler. And he was a great wrestler in many ways. But, in a lot of ways, like working with him in the ring, he was not so great. And for someone to contest that with me or argue with me that I don’t know what I’m talking about, things like that drive me crazy. Because it’s not true. They don’t know what they’re talking about. I know. I’ve worked with some of the greatest wrestlers of all time.” To read the full interview, visit at this link.