New Interview Highlights with Randy Orton

Austen Allen sent this recap in:

Hey, just got back from a holiday in Faro,Portugal and they had an interview with Randy Orton in their in-flight magazine. It was the October edition so it’s pretty recent.
Here’s a transcript of the interview:

WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT PRO Randy Orton, the “Legend Killer”, became WWE’s youngest World Heavyweight Champion at 24-and one of the industry’s spandex bad boys.

How did you get into wrestling?
My father was Cowboy Bob Orton and my grandfather wrestled as well,but I never really took a liking to it more than just as my father’s way to make a living.But after my time in the Marine Corps didn’t work out I knew that I had an opportunity to wrestle.So I figured I’d try it out.I don’t want to sound arrogant but I was a natural in the ring.Within a year or so of training I was on television.

How are the European fans compared to US fans?
They’re actually some of the best in the world.We do a lot of shows in US cities so we aren’t such a novelty there.We don’t get over to the UK that often,so when we have matches in front of a British audience they go wild.

If you weren’t a wrestler, what do you think you’d be?
I tried the military after high school,but it had a bad ending [Randy was dishonorably discharged after a years service].School really wasn’t for me,either,so it would probably be something physical,like construction work-nothing glamorous that’s for sure.I’m very lucky to be doing what I’m doing.

What qualities do you need in your job?
Something I’ve learned is that you have to be good with people.You meet a lot of fans.If it wasn’t for our fans,we wouldn’t be able to do this.You have to be able to put up with sleep deprivation because you travel a lot.There is no off-season,so you are constantly on the go.Then,as far as the ring goes you’ve got to beable to take a beating,because you’re always bruised up,hurt or injured.

What hurt the most?
I’ve just recovered from a broken collarbone,but I’ve had plenty in my career.I’ve injured my shoulder loads,had lots of concussions and once broke my foot in three places.Like I said,there’s never a time you’re not hurting or bruised.It comes with the territory.

What are the best and worst things about being a wrestler?
The same thing-traveling.I get to see the world and meet lots of different people from all over the place but it also means I don’t get to see my family as much as I’d like,which is even harder now that my daughter was just recently born.

What do you do with your free time?
I like to take my wife to a nice dinner and a movie,and spend time with my daughter.But it’s hard to have a lot of hobbies. You’ve got to lift weights,eat right,stay in shape,get to the shows,and travel all year round.In my job,it’s hard to do anything else than wrestle or be a wrestler.

The WWE Survivor Series Tour, 8th-15th November. End of interview.

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