Backstage Update on Show & Taker, Segments Cut from PPV, More

– Portland Trail Blazers Channing Frye and Jerryd Bayless were in attendance at the Rose Garden Arena for last night’s No Mercy.

– The knockout finish to the Big Show and Undertaker match at last night’s WWE No Mercy pay-per-view is part of the company’s attempt to put more realistic parts in their matches. Backstage, the finish to the match didn’t go over as well as WWE officials had hopes and they felt that the spot with the exposed turnbuckle didn’t get over as it should have with the live crowd.

– WWE cut a few comedy segments out of last night’s No Mercy pay-per-view. The feeling was they didn’t want to have to cut short the WWE Title match with Jeff Hardy & Triple H or the Ladder match with Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels, which worked out well. We will probably see some of those segments on tonight’s RAW.

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  • farouk

    why was taker treated so badly. when is the undertsker coming back to wwe.the best wrestler ever is the taker.

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