Vickie Guerrero Speaks Out, WrestleMania 2010 Update, More

– The Daily Star out of the UK has an article on SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero talking about her experience in WWE so far. “I’m having an amazing ride,” Vickie said. “I wasn’t involved in any way, I thought I would be showing up at the Hall of Fame and Wrestlemania and that would be it, so it’s been great. I never thought I would be here. Vince didn’t know if I could do it, and neither did I! The WWE are my second family.” On doing so well in WWE, despite her lack of experience, Vickie said, “I think it was twenty years of Eddie pacing round the living room cutting his promos, or waking me up at 3am to see if I liked something or not! “I think I watched him too much! Eddie was very passionate about his work, he used to work hard in his house!” She also added, “I feel him more in the ring than I do at home. It’s funny. Chavo and I chuckle to each other when we’re out there, you can picture him standing across the ring in the ropes laughing at us. I hope I’m honouring him and making him proud.” Vickie also spoke out on WWE’s Wellness program. “I think that the Wellness Programme has helped a lot of guys stay healthy, and make better choices for their lifestyle. I think guys are eating better, and I know that I go and get physicals regularly because I can,” Vickie said. “I think it makes you think about yourself more, and take time out when you need to. Even though we lost Eddie, we’ve woken up to the issues.”

– The WWE Auction site is auctioning off the red blouse ring announcer Lilian Garcia wore on the 800th episode of RAW two weeks ago. They also auctioned off a white sweater Michelle McCool wore during a recent photo shoot. The auction closed a few minutes ago with the highest bid going for $170.00.

– has a story on Sun Devil Stadium turning 50 years old. The article notes that the Arizona Cardinals moved from Sun Devil Stadium to the University of Phoenix Stadium after it opened in 2006, with a number of entities following suit including BCS bowls, the Super Bowl, The Rolling Stones, and high school football championships. WrestleMania in 2010 is briefly mentioned in passing as well, although in reality, it has yet to be confirmed. There was an interview with Wayne Gretzky at the end of last year with a Swedish newspaper and he was shown wearing a Wrestlemania 2010 jersey with a WWE logo and the slogan “Destruction in The Desert,” which would indicate that Wrestlemania 2010 would be in Arizona. Quite like the Olympics, a number of cities look to land WrestleMania, which is where things are at this point.

– This week on WWE 24/7, they’re playing the episode of RAW following the In Your House: Badd Blood pay-per-view in which it was announced that Brian Pillman had passed away. On this episode of RAW, it features the controversial interview between Vince McMahon and Melanie Pillman.

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