News from WWE No Mercy; Mysterio Hurt?, Y2J’s Tooth, More

– World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho obviously lost a front tooth during the Ladder Match at tonight’s No Mercy pay-per-view. The camera showed a clear shot of it as Jericho walked up the ramp and to the back after retaining his World Championship in a great match against Shawn Michaels.

– No word yet on why Matt Striker didn’t join Todd Grisham to call the ECW Championship match at the pay-per-view tonight. Jerry Lawler ended up calling the match with Grisham.

– At the end of the match with Kane and Rey Mysterio, Rey was seen on camera telling the referees to move his kneepads down. You could clearly see Rey saying he couldn’t feel his legs. We’ll keep you updated on anything that comes out of the ending to that match.

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