WWE No Mercy Results – October 5th, 2008

Aired live on pay-per-view
Portland, Ore. at the Rose Garden Arena

The show opened with the usual piracy warning. To sum it up, Vince McMahon will hunt you down and kill you with his bare hands if you view his pay-per-view illegally… The show opened up with old black and white footage of families sitting around watching television and then broke into a video for the pay-per-view…

Todd Grisham introduced the show as Mark Henry and Tony Atlas walked to the ring. Jerry Lawler is sitting in for Matt Striker on commentary. No explanation on that one…

1. Matt Hardy defeated Mark Henry (w/Tony Atlas) to retain the ECW Title in 8:10. In-ring championship introductions before the match. Henry controlled the opening moments of the match with punches to the head and back. Hardy came back and the action spilled to ringside. Henry shoved Matt to the ground.

At 6:00, Henry locked Hardy in the bearhug, but he fought out of it and fired back with punches and a clothesline in the corner. Henry charged Hardy in the other corner, but was greeted with a boot to the face. Hardy hit the Side Effect for a great nearfall. Henry came back with a big splash, but began selling a knee injury.

At 8:00, Henry picked up Hardy for his powerslam finisher, but Hardy reached down and pounded on Henry’s bad knee until he dropped him. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and scored the clean pin…

Backstage, Eve stood between Triple H and Jeff Hardy. Hunter was checking his phone and made a crack about trailing in a phone poll on whether fans were rooting for him or Hardy. Hunter said he wants to Hardy to be at his best. Hardy implied that he was motivated and ready to take the title…

2. Beth Phoenix (w/Santino Marella) defeated Candice Michelle to retain the WWE Women’s Championship in 4:50. It took Candice less than 30 seconds to miss a move. She went to drop a leg on the back of Beth’s head and missed, but she caught her somewhat with her arm on the way down. No harm done.

Beth took her first shot at Candice’s oft-injured collarbone and then spent the next couple minutes working that arm. Candice came back and had Beth pinned, but Santino reached in and pulled his girlfriend out of the ring. Beth came right back by roughing up Candice at ringside.

When Beth tried to get back in the ring, Santino mistakenly grabbed her ankle (looked awkward). Candice took advantage of the distraction this caused, but Beth came back and hit her finisher a short time later. She eventually celebrated with Santino…

A Ric Flair DVD commercial aired… In an undisclosed backstage area, Kane looked into a camera and cut a promo about his match with Rey Mysterio…

3. Rey Mysterio defeated Kane by DQ in 10:15. If Rey loses, he must unmask. Back and forth action for the first couple minutes. Kane actually went for the mask early. Um, you just have to win and he has to take it off. Kane controlled Rey with power moves for the next few minutes. Rey came back with a moonsault kick off the top rope. Later, Rey went for another top rope move, but Kane caught him with an uppercut on the way down.

At 10:00, Rey dove off the top rope toward Kane on the floor. Kane picked up a chair and smacked Rey with it on his way down. The referee DQ’d Kane, who stood at ringside and smiled briefly. The referees tended to Rey after Kane left. He told them he couldn’t feel his legs as he sold the chairshot…

Backstage, MVP told Big Show that he wanted to talk to Vickie Guerrero about not being on the show. Show blew him off…

A Cyber Sunday commercial aired… At ringside, the announcers discussed Cyber Sunday briefly…

MVP walked to the ring dressed in street clothes. He took the mic and said he had an important statement to make. He mentioned a couple of mainstream superstars and said they would never be benched and questioned Vickie’s logic by not including him on the pay-per-view.

Randy Orton’s entrance music interrupted MVP and he walked to the ring. “I don’t think we’ve actually met,” Orton said. “Randy Orton. And what you’re claiming to be, I am.” MVP said he knows who Orton is, but didn’t recognize him without his shoulder sling and MRI results. MVP said he can’t be the playmaker without getting the ball.

Orton recalled winning “the main event” at WrestleMania, while MVP lost. MVP said he doesn’t work for Mike Adamle on Raw and therefore there was nothing stopping him from attacking Orton. Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, and Manu walked to the ring to their lame entrance music.

Cody addressed Randy. The crowd chanted boring. Cody acknowledged the boos by saying, “Excuse me.” Cody and Orton exchanged words until Orton eventually blew him off and left the ring. MVP said they handled that nicely and started to sing their praises, but DiBiase cut him off. Ted said he didn’t know who MVP’s father is, but he knows he’s not a WWE Hall of Famer like their fathers are. MVP bowed out, but vowed to remember their confrontation.

MVP headed toward the stage. C.M. Punk’s entrance music started. Punk and Kofi Kingston walked out. Punk told MVP that there were three guys in the ring and three of them. He convinced MVP to join him and Kofi in fighting the next generation group. MVP agreed and they all headed to the ring together, but Punk and Kofi remained at ringside and smiled when the heels ganged up on MVP. Punk and Kofi eventually entered the ring and cleared DiBiase, Rhodes, and Manu from the ring…

4. Batista beat JBL in a No. 1 contender’s match in 5:20. Batista dominated the offense and hit the Batista Bomb for the clean pin. After the match, JBL was still lying in the ring when he asked for the microphone. He rolled around the ring and said it’s been the most unbelievable week of his career. He said he really thought he was going to beat Batista and challenge for the World Title. He said his heart wasn’t into the match because of the week on Wall Street.

JBL got to his feet and said he’s the happiest and most blessed man alive. He thanked the fans and congress for shelling out billions and billions of dollars so that people like him can keep their money. He said it’s people like him that keep the world going around. He thanked the presidential candidates for voting for the bailout so that he could keep all his money. “I love you, thank you,” he told the fans. He promised not to forget the “backwoods wonderful city.”

Cryme Tyme’s music played and they appeared on the big screen. They called a group of Divas into the picture and they all danced like they were part of Godfather’s Ho train. They all got inside JBl’s limo. Sgt. Slaughter showed up out of nowhere and climbed in the limo too. Mickie James stuck her head out the top of the limo and did the “Money Money” bit with Cryme Tyme…

Jim Ross and Tazz checked in for the first time at ringside and hyped the Undertaker vs. Big Show match… A video hyped the Taker vs. Show match…

5. Big Show defeated Undertaker via knockout in 10:00. Lots of punching and kicking. Show’s overactive saliva gland kicked in as he slobbered a few different times. At 7:00, Taker went old school on the ropes. When he jumped off, Show caught him in a chokeslam for a good nearfall. “He got him,” Ross said just as Taker kicked out. A short time later, Show went for another chokeslam, but Taker reversed it with a really nice DDT for a good nearfall.

Later, Show rammed Taker’s head into an exposed turnbuckle and then caught him with a big right hand. Taker struggled to get to his feet and Show caught him with another right. Show grabbed Taker by the hair and then punched the back of his head. The referee called for the bell. Ross said Show won the match via knockout.

After the match, Taker struggled to get to his feet as a small, but audible chant for him broke out. He eventually used the ropes to stand up and the live crowd cheered for him…

A WWE 24/7 commercial aired… A shot of Taker wobbling as he walked backstage aired… They showed a shot of Triple H walking backstage. The WWE mobile poll concluded with 72 percent of the fans saying they are cheering for Jeff Hardy to defeat Triple H in their match… A Hunter and Hardy video aired…

6. Triple H defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the WWE Title in 18:00. Hardy and Hunter shook hands to start the match. Hardy turned around and Hunter hit him with a forearm to the back of the head and then rolled him up for a nearfall. Hunter smiled.

At 5:00, Hunter pulled Hardy through the ropes and went for the Pedigree, but Hardy fought him off and backdropped him over the top rope. Hardy ran the ropes and flipped over the top, but Hunter ducked out of the way and Jeff crashed hard onto the floor.

Hunter threw Hardy back inside the ring and worked over Hardy’s lower back with a series of elbow drops. Triple H followed up with an abdominal stretch and then applied a sleeper hold. At 11:00, Jeff made his comeback. He whipped Hunter into the corner and Hunter tumbled to ringside. Hardy went for the same move he missed earlier by flipping over the top rope and this time he connected with Hunter.

Back inside the ring, Hunter came back and scored a nearfall. Hunter went to the second rope and jumped right into a kick from Hardy. Jeff followed up with a facebuster suplex for a nearfall. At 15:15, Hunter hit a spinebuster and set up for the Pedigree, but Hardy fought out of it and catapulted Hunter into the corner. Hardy hit the Whisper in the Wind for a really good nearfall.

Hardy took his shift off and went up top for the Swanton Bomb. Hunter avoided the move and went for the Pedigree, but Jeff fought it off and hit the Twist of Fate. Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb. Hardy covered Hunter by lying on him and hooking his leg with one arm. The crowd chanted along as the referee counted one and two, but then Hunter sat up, hooked Jeff’s arms, and scored the pin. Hardy and Hunter shook hands after the match and there was some polite clapping…

Backstage, Arn Anderson congratulated Triple H on his victory. After Arn left the scene, Vladimir Kozlov showed up and went nose-to-nose with Hunter. Kozlov spoke in Russian and then said, “Congratulations.” Kozlov walked away…

A Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels video aired…

7. Chris Jericho defeated Shawn Michaels in a ladder match to retain the World Hvt. Championship in 22:20. Jericho came out without Cade and walked underneath a ladder that was set up at ringside. HBK went for Sweet Chin Music just 30 seconds into the match, but Jericho avoided it. Moments later, Michaels charged at Jericho in the corner. Jericho moved and Michaels slammed his shoulder into the ring post.

With Michaels standing on the ring apron outide the ropes, Jericho springboarded off the second rope and hit a shoulderblock that sent HBK tumbling to the floor. Jericho whipped Michaels toward the ladder that was standing in the entryway, but HBK jumped on one of the rungs and dove back onto Jericho.

At 3:45, Jericho tried to drag a ladder into the ring, but HBK jumped onto the end that was sticking out of the ring, causing the other end of the ladder to smack Jericho in the face. Jericho came up with a bloody lip. Later, HBK worked over Jericho’s knee and then locked him in the figure four briefly. There was a ladder set up on the bottom rope in one of the corners. Jericho kicked the ladder after HBK released the figure four and the ladder swung back and caught HBK.

Michaels sold the eye injury that he’s been playing up throughout the feud and Jericho used the ladder as a weapon a few more times. Jericho set up the ladder over one of the corners and then tried to run HBK into it, but Michaels stopped him and threw Jericho on top of the ladder. Jericho tumbled to ringside and came up holding one of his arms. HBK picked up the ladder and dropped it on Jericho at ringside. Cool spot.

At 12:00, HBK cleared off one of the broadcast tables and set Jericho on top of it. He set up a ladder and climbed three-quarters of the way up the ladder. Jericho recovered and caught HBK on the ladder. Jericho grabbed Michaels and pulled him off in a suplex position and both men crashed through the table next to Cole and Ross, who were stationed in the middle.

At 15:30, Michaels hit a top rope elbow drop onto Jericho, who had a ladder on top of him. HBK held his elbow as he stood up. HBK went for Sweet Chin Music, but Jericho rammed a ladder into his head. Jericho grimaced and was missing at least part of one of his teeth.

Later, Jericho climbed the ladder. HBK recovered and pushed over the ladder, causing Jericho to fall to ringside. Jericho landed on his feet before tumbling. He immediately clutched one of his knees. HBK climbed the ladder, but Jericho recovered in time to stop him.

At 20:45, Jericho and Michaels stood on opposite sides of the ladder and traded punches. Jericho slipped and one of his legs were caught in the ladder. Michaels started to climb toward the belt, but Lance Cade ran out and stopped him. HBK left the ladder and hit Sweet Chin Music on Cade.

Jericho had freed himself by this point and was climbing toward the title belt. HBK joined him and both men grabbed opposite sides of the title belt. Jericho leaned backward while holding his end of the belt. Eventually, HBK pulled Jericho toward him and the momentum caused Jericho to headbutt HBK, who fell off the ladder without the title. Jericho held onto the belt and won the match. Jericho smiled at ringside and showed off his missing tooth while Cade congratulated him…





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    they need to bring back days when you use to wonder why things happened and whats going to happen next maybe vince wants to end wrestling

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