WWE Divas in a Lamborghini Tonight, Brian Kendrick Note, More

– WWE’s latest Superstar 2 Superstar features The Brian Kendrick talking to Tim McIlrath, lead vocalist and guitarist of punk band Rise Against. The band’s single “Re-Education (Through Labor) is the song featured in WWE’s promos for SmackDown’s move to MyNetworkTV.

– WWE took out a four-page advertisement in this month’s issue of Men’s Fitness with UFC fighter Forrest Griffin on the cover. The ad features Triple H and Jeff Hardy and lists the MyNetwork stations for the top 100 markets in the country.

– Just a reminder, WWE and MyNetworkTV will air the broadcast premiere of WrestleMania 24 tonight on the network, beginning at 8pm EST. The show will feature highlights of the pay-per-view and will last until 9pm EST.

– WWE Divas Eve Torres and Maria will have photos of themselves put into a Bentley sports car tonight by the Masked Magician on MyNetworkTV’s ‘Breaking The Magicians Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed.’ The Bentley will then be covered and moments later when the cover is removed, Maria and Eve will appear in a Lamborghini that’s in the same place as the Bentley was. The secret behind the trick will then be explained. You can catch the Divas on TV at 9pm EST tonight after the WrestleMania special on MyNetworkTV.

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