Updates on Sting’s Future in TNA, Angle’s Shoot Comments, More

– The storyline with Kurt Angle and The UK Sun was not something that was scripted ahead of time. Not many people believe this because they built so much of the 10/2 episode of iMPACT around it, but all of what happens on TV this week was done as a reaction to Angle’s interview with the paper.

– For what it’s worth, video game industry sources believe the TNA iMPACT game needs to sell about 600,000 for Midway to be successful with it.

– The direction that TNA is booking Sting in is because he has verbally agreed to work with the company through 2009, but we don’t know if a contract has been signed yet. Obviously TNA would love to do something with Sting and Ric Flair, but the earliest that they could legally do a program like that would be August of 2009. Trying to say what’s going to happen a year from now in the wrestling business is taking a long shot, but if it were today, Flair probably wouldn’t come in to TNA because he would want to keep on somewhat decent terms with WWE. But as we all know, things change.

UPDATE: Huge News on Ric Flair/TNA + An AMAZING Shot of VELVET SKY You Have To See!!