Edge Speaks on The Undertaker, Vickie, His Career, More

– Terri S. sent the following:

Here is a recap that I wrote for Edge’s appearance on Between The Ropes on 9/30.  I did the best I could as Edge talks so fast.

Edge jokes that he has gotten the My Network debut date wrong. He says he has enjoyed his time off and says it is nice not to have a sling. He said that there is no major injury keeping him out right now. He said he asked for time off and that he does not want to get burned out. He said he was getting tired and that it was a mental grind.  He added that hopefully someone will step up and fill the void, if there is one, while he is gone. He thought getting to the the top was hard but staying on top is harder.  Still, he needed to put himself first and take a step back.

He said the Cell in his match with The Undertaker was 26 feet high and he was trying to make it possible to do a drop but couldn’t. He says for longevity’s sake, you have to be selective when you do TLC matches.

He talked about having the confidence to do a long promo. He said that the “psycho” promos were influenced by Mick Foley. He said he got headaches after those promos because he got so wound up.

He said that Vickie told him that Eddie would get a kick out the Vickie/Edge angle. He said it was fun because they realized it was working. He said that working with Taker was awesome. He praised Taker as the best big man and a legend. He always wanted to work with Taker but for various reasons didn’t get to.  His first match against Taker was in Chile awhile back. The second one was WM24. Taker told him that he had never had that kind of chemistry with any wrestler other than Shawn and Bret.  Edge said he was taken aback.

He said that it is cool to give advice. He was given advice by Bret Hart, Dory Funk, etc. He put over wrestling Foley and Ric Flair. He discussed TLC match with Flair. Foley wanted that WM moment. He said he is amazed that little kids are excited to meet him. He said he has no idea how people are breaking in. He says it is different from when he came in.

He talked about being a true heel: You have to look worse. You have to have no redeeming qualities. You have to be willing to cheat, etc. During the psycho period, he didn’t sleep. He didn’t wash his hair. He showered, but he wanted to look out of it, etc.

He said that both shows offer different things. He said he asked to move to Smackdown. He never wrestled Taker, Rey, etc. He said people wanted to see him get his ass handed to him so let’s do it.

On his first title reign he said that people tapped in to his rivalry with John Cena.  Cena was the hip hop guy and Edge was the rock and roll guy.  He said it has been ages since he played a kazoo. He said he would like Christian to come back and  have Christian end his career at WWE.

He closed by saying that he has always worried about his own career, not others’.