Update on TNA Drug Testing, TNA’s Suicide Character, More

– TNA originally wanted the Suicide character to start doing a run-in or some sort of entrance within the next few weeks but with Frankie Kazarian being out of action for four months, things are obviously changing. No decision was made as of this week but they could put another person in the gimmick or have Kaz debut as him now and limit his physical interaction until he is cleared to wrestle. The original plan was for Suicide to debut in some way like a quick live glimpse at Bound For Glory and then be pushed as a character by the end of October.

– Nobody in TNA still seems to know about New Japan’s Hiroshi Tanahashi or All Japan’s Akira Raijin coming in, although both Japanese promotions are talking like it will happen. The two may end up coming in to do dark matches or something for Xplosion or maybe some kind of Japanese photo op, but nothing is planned for them as far as angles or storylines go.

– Details on TNA’s new drug testing policy were passed out at the last set of iMPACT tapings in Orlando. We’re hearing that it’s similar to WWE’s. Nobody seems to know yet as to when they will test and how often it will be. A drug test failure in TNA will now get you a 30 day suspension without pay for the first offense and a more severe penalty after that. TNA did one drug test a few months back but the results did not count.

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