RAW Rating for This Week, JR Blog Update

– The 9/29 episode of RAW did a 3.1 cable rating. It is basically the same rating as last week’s 3.05 which is rounded up to a 3.1. Hour one did 2.95 and hour two did 3.18.

– JR has updated his blog at, http://www.jrsbarbq.com/blog/jrs-back-land-cheese. Highlights include:

– I am excited that HBO is apparently going to produce a series with pro wrestling as a backdrop (no pun intended) entitled “Everybody Hurts.” A couple of thoughts on this; It will be interesting to see who, if any one, from the business might get cast for roles on this drama and will this series, coupled with the film “The Wrestler”, help create an awareness for the business that makes it more popular and more profitable?

– Monday Night Raw garnered 4.5 million viewers this week earning a 3.1 rating that peaked at a 3.7 rating the last 9 minutes the show was on the air. The NFL wising up and making their Monday night schedule better from the get go and then going with the best available game later in the season, as I understand it, on Mondays poses a challenge but as the old promoters always said, “If we have what the fans want to see they will watch it.”

– I hear that WWE Diva Melina will likely not return to the ring until January but that her severely injured heel is improving on schedule.

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