WWE Referee Taking Time Off, Pic of Haas’ Unseen Gimmick

– WWE referee Marty Elias is taking a few weeks off following surgery on Thursday, September 18 for a ruptured hernia. He will be out for at least 6 weeks to heal and rehab. Elias posted a blog on his WWE Universe account to set any rumors straight from “inside websites” reporting on his absence — although I don’t believe anyone has reported about it as this is the first I’ve heard of him being gone. Elias wrote: “The reason for this blog is to set any rumors straight and or “inside websites” ASS-U-MING they know what”s going on? I had surgery on September 18th for a ruptured hernia and will be off 6-weeks min to heal and rehab.” He also added: “The hernia was found over five years ago, but I continued working with it, because I love what i do!! I would still be working if the hernia had not ruptured. I will be back, that’s for sure!! Im happy I finally had surgery, it is over and I can live and work pain free. I can only recommend this, but if you are injured or living with pain, take care of it ASAP.”

– As posted before, Charlie Haas impersonated “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan at a few house show events in Europe last week. Haas worked as a heel waving the American flag and Duggan came out waving the France flag before and after the match. Haas jobbed to Duggan in their matches.