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Hey peeps, its time for some Jey Files! This is my first post of, and let me start off by saying its great to be on this site giving yall my opinions on wrestling straight from the mid-west! Here we go. Theres a nice little paradox in the world of wrestling right now. Veterans vs. New Generation stars seems to be the main topic in both WWE and TNA. Coincidence? I think not. But that’s what were gonna cover, so lets get to it.
MVP. The Brian Kendrick. Ezekiel Jackson. Evan Bourne. The Miz. CM Punk. John Morrison. Cody Rhodes. Ted Debiase. Manu. Primo Colon. And theres a ton more after that. The list could go a lot further than that. And that’s just the WWE. New Generation wresters are popping up everywhere. I don t think since the time of Razor, Diesel, 1-2-3 Kid and Lex Lugar have so many new and prominent superstars ever popped up at one time. And if you think hard about it, this is really going to give all the vets a reason to step their game up. If they keep it up and do the same ol same, the new stars will over take them in a heart beat. I know some people are cool with Jericho as champ, but I really could have lived without that change. Theres too much new blood around to give it to Jericho, especially one whose being backed by Lance Cade. Pleeeeeeeease.

Out of all the new guys, one sticks out the most to me. Vladimir Kozlov. Holy friggin cow. The internet is buzzin about him, bandwagon fans hate him. Which means this guy is actually worth something. Not to mention the fact that he is an amazing athlete for his size. The dude is 300 pounds and 6’6’’ yet he moves around the ring with the speed of a normal sized guy. I mean he is probably the only wrestler that I can remember who can go into matches against heels AND faces. And for the first time ever on the last Smackdown, I heard fans CHEERING for Khali when they fought each other! Kozlov is bound for the belt, no doubt. His match (as short lived as it was) defiantly was the highlight of Smackdown. And we haven’t seen the sledge hammer in some time have we?

One just random thought, all of wrestling has GOT to stop it with all the interfering. This isn’t the mid 90’s anymore, can we please knock it off?

Man it seems like I go on rants about TNA sometimes but hey its not like they give me reasons to. First of all, does anyone recognize Jeff Jarrett as a 12 time heavyweight champion? No. Most people don’t even remember he was WCW champion. But beyond his undeserving title record, lest look at something real quick. The whole thing going on with the vets and the new guys along with Jarrett’s speech about him creating TNA for young guys almost had me. It really did. Until I thought about it. Lets face facts here. If he did do that, why would he keep signing ANYONE who was a star in the past? I mean come on, how much can Mic Foley REALLY do for TNA? Wrestle again? And if he does, he isn’t in his prime. It will NOT be that great.
With the recent flop of the iMPACT game, I hope

the young talent working under Jarrett realize that it doesn’t matter how many vets in the business are helping you out. As long as Russo and Jarrett are running the show, you guys wont really ever get on top. I think even Kurt Angle is realizing it as well. When he first joined up with TNA, what did we hear from him? “Vince cant compare with TNA, Vince is in trouble, we have way more talent than Vince”. Now what’s he saying? “Oh, me and Vince have a father son relationship that not even Jeff Jarrett could break”.  Which basically says in so many words “Man I hope I didn’t burn a bridge for this low time promotion”. In my opinion, LAX and AJ Styles are the best asests that TNA has. Yet they keep putting old stars above them. Whaaaaaaaaaatever.

I think the biggest difference in TNA and WWE is that the new WWE talent is getting a bigger push. But give TNA their due, they have better new guys. Mainly because people usually know a little about the stars who are new comers before coming to TNA thanks to the Ring of Honor promotion. Whatever the outcome, I think wrestling fans everywhere are going to like the New Generation from both promotions.

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  • lenny c

    Did you ever consider that the interview with the UK Sun that Angle did recently that is now becoming a plot point in the TNA storyline was a work from the beginning? Everybody seems to be buying into this interview hook, line and sinker. If I know Vince Russo, he is the mastermind behind the increased openness of wrestlers in mainstream media publications. He’s fostered the idea that, unlike in the past, when a wrestler gives an interview to a mainstream journalist now, it is out of character, the actor talking, a “shoot.” But Russo loves swerves. So he takes that increased trust the media has put in the wrestlers and has used it to his advantage (and to the disadvantage of media credibility) in the build up to the year’s most important TNA PPV. Russo knows wrestling fans and journalists are hungry for “truth,” for “reality.” And if he can make them think its real, when it really isn’t, he has done his job. This may be at the detriment to the general public, but it’s great from a self-interested business standpoint.

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