Michael Cole Makes Big Mistake On Raw, Backstage Heat On Angle

I knew Cole was terrible on Raw last night, and to make things worse, he apparently referred to WWE as WWF at one point. Cole accidently said “WWF” during the 8-man tag match. He said, “In fact, Cody Rhodes said the tag team division, in a recent interview in WWF… WWE Magazine, stunk until Rhodes and DiBiase came along.” The remark was uttered at 10:01 p.m. just before Punk tried rolling up Manu.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that several TNA officials were actually outraged when they found out Kurt Angle made the comments he did concerning creative’s idea for the company. Although the Jarrett angle to being on Thursday night is a work, it is being drawn from a certain amount of reality that the company maintains.




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  • Chris

    Who cares if Michael Cole accidentally said “WWF” instead of “WWE”? I guess all the “reporters” never make that mistake when discussing WWF, oh sorry WWE.

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