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Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Tapings for This Thursday, 10/2

Posted by Marc Middleton in TNA News
Monday, September 29th, 2008

Ashley Colton sent the following TNA Spoilers from Orlando, Florida at the Impact Zone:

*Angelina Love w/Cute Kip & vs. ODB
Love wins with an implant DDT after Sky spits whatever was in ODB’s flask in her face.

*Backstage, post match with ODB and . ODB wants a match vs. The Beautiful People tonight and will find a partner. Traci tells her she must keep her hands off Taylor, Roxxi and Kong because of the match at BFG.

*Monster’s Ball Qualifying Match
Motor City Machineguns vs. LAX
Lax wins when Hernandez pins Sabin following a sitout powerbomb.

*Backstage with Jeremy Borash and . Borash asks Jeff that since he’s the founder of TNA, what his thoughts were on ’s comments in the UK Sun over the past week. Jarrett said he’s coming to the ring to address the situation

*Borash comes to the ring to explain the UK Sun situation with Kurt Angle. Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring. Jeff says how he beat the odds for so many years and again when he created TNA. He read excerpts from the UK about TNA, Angle’s contract and . Jeff mentions an Angle interview from 2 years ago that Jarrett didn’t air but will now. Angle had some not so choice words for McMahon in the tape. Jarrett says “Kurt you said not even Jeff Jarrett could break that father-son bond between you and Vince? Looks like I just did.”

*Backstage, Angle arrives and Borash tells him that Jarrett just aired the video from 2 years ago. Also, Jim Cornette wants to see him in his office.

*Backstage, Lauren is with TNA knockout champion, Tayor Wilde discussing the upcoming title match at vs. Roxxi and Awesome Kong. Wilde says its every woman for herself.

*In Jim Cornette’s office are LAX. Homicide says they want at the PPV and they don’t care about Monster’s Ball.

*Angle shows up and Cornette belittles him about the comments he made in the UK over the last week. He tells Angle he’s been fined $25,000.

*Backstage promo with N Rave Infection. Rave thinks they’re being inducted into and Roll Hall of Fame

*X-Division title match
*Sheilk Abdul Bashir vs. Jimmy Rave vs.
Bashir retains by pinning Young

Backstage with Borash are , Black Machismo and . They discuss their upcoming match tonight against and .

Backstage with Borash in ’s dressing room. He’s looking for a scoop before Foley’s debut in the Impact Zone. Foley tells JB, “you make Gene Okerlund look subtle.”

Team 3D & Booker T w/Sharmell vs. Black Machismo, AJ Styles and Christian Cage
3D and Booker get the win after Booker reverses a rollup on Cage after Styles accidentally hit Cage off the top rope. Styles & Cage argued afterwards. Cage walked up the ramp alone, leaving Styles and Lethal behind.

Backstage, Angle is out of control looking for Jim Cornette.

Backstage somewhere Lauren is with & . She mentioned at the Asylum Abyss was at, he was cured of his addiction to pain. says as long Abyss has his back, no one will stop them in the monster’s ball match

Beer Money comes to the ring in street clothes. They discuss those who aren’t doing too well. First, Salinas..then Hector Guerrero. They say the tag team competition in TNA is horrible and if they don’t have competition they can’t make money and without money Storm can’t buy beer. From now on, they have issued an open challenge to any team in TNA or anyone in the world. They discuss LAX, Team 3D and Morgan & Abyss. Even brought up the Rock N Roll Express and the Midnight Express. Team 3D came out onto the ramp. they get cut off immediately by Morgan & Abyss, who are immediately cut off by LAX. Jim Cornette comes to ringside says it looks to be plenty of competition right here. So at Bound For Glory, the 3 way Monsters Ball just became a 4 way for the TNA tag team titles.

The Beautiful People with Cute Kip vs. ODB & her mystery partner, Rhaka Khan.
Khan & ODB get the win when khan pins sky. Postmatch TBP attack Khan & ODB until makes the save.

Borash comes out to warm up the crowd for the the appearance of Mick Foley.

Mick Foley comes into the Impact Zone to a HUGE Ovation. He thanks the fans and says its one of the biggest nights in his career. He thanks Vince McMahon for making this moment happen. He said it was Vince who made the decision of leaving an easy one. Kurt Angle interrupts. He’s angry Jeff Jarrett pissed him off. While Angle talks into the camera to Jarrett, the fans chant “Foley! Foley”. Angle says how Jarrett told him he’s lost everything, his gold medal, his wife. He says..”Jeff, it looks like I’m not the only one who’s lost his wife”. He turns to Foley..asks him what did he ever do. Foley & Angle go back and forth.. Foley says how he got to watch a lot of great mentions and says Angle was the greatest acquisition in TNA history. At BFG, Foley says he needs to be that close to prove to himself that Kurt is that good. Kurt asks, What? You wanna take Don West’s place and do commentary?’ Foley says no, he wants to be even closer…and he’s going to be the special enforcer with his match against Jeff Jarrett. Says “Kurt read my lips…its true! Its damn true!” Foley makes his way up the ramp and says, ‘See you in Chicago!’

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