Possible Spoiler on a SmackDown Character Return

– It looks like Victoria Crawford, known to SmackDown fans as Vickie Guerrero and Edge’s wedding planner Alicia Fox, may be returning to WWE’s SmackDown brand here soon. Alicia has been missing from TV for a few months and hasn’t appeared on any WWE developmental shows in Tampa until this past Thursday night when she teamed with Jack Gabriel to defeat ECW Diva Tiffany and Scotty Goldman. Alicia was pulled from the SmackDown opening video a few weeks back but is still scheduled to be in an upcoming set of WWE trading cards. I guess it’s likely that she can make her return when Edge is brought back.

Furthermore, WNZ reader Amber passed along the following:

I was just watching MyNetworkTV and they showed a promo for WWE coming and it featured the SmackDown Divas. It included Michelle McCool, Maria, Maryse, Eve Torres and Alicia Fox, Edge and Vickie’s wedding planner from a few months back.  Just thought I’d pass this along because I haven’t seen Alicia on TV since the end of the angle and Victoria & Natalya are a big part of SmackDown but were not featured.

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