Heyman Speaks on Trish, Vince Comments, Shelly, More

– The Sun has an article on Shelly Martinez’ date (now lunch) auction on eBay. Martinez spoke to The Sun regarding the auction. “The winner and I will go to Mr Chow, the hot celeb hangout in Beverly Hills, and we’re going to have the time of our lives,” Martinez said. “I’m not the wildest wild-thang in Hollywood, but I’m not the tamest either. My date should be prepared for the most romantic, delicious meal of his life. Or, he should be prepared for me to go crazy and dance naked on the table! But all I promise is a most unique evening and some radically interesting conversation!” The auction is set to end tonight, which you can see at the following link. Bidding is up to $10,100 as of this post, but it appears to be a fraudulent bid. Although, someone with a feedback rating of 205 set a bid at $6,900.

– Former WWE Superstar Chris Nowinski is seeking brains from athletes for the purpose of concussion study. Nowinski’s Sports Legacy Institute announced that former New England Patriot football player Ted Johnson has agreed to donate his brain upon death while having his brain monitored regularly until death to study the effects of concussions after a career. He retired three years ago due to issues caused by concussions that have led to memory problems and depression. Nowinski will also be donating his brain to a research center upon his death.

– In Paul Heyman’s latest article on The Sun, he praises seven-time WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus. “In an environment where she could have made fantastic money just taking an occasional bump, doing the typical bra and panties matches and stealing the show on all the Divas In Paradise DVD releases, Trish Stratus wanted to offer more,” Heyman said. “She wanted to give the WWE audience a more complete package than just a busty glamour girl. She desired to be respected by her peers not just for her awesome looks, but for her drive, ambition, and talent. Trish was not satisfied just being pro wrestling’s hottest babe. She felt compelled to push herself past her own limits and learn how to be a great female wrestler. So Trish trained in the ring with the same vigor that she attacked the fitness world a few years earlier. She didn’t want to just be good, she wanted to be the best. And that was no easy task.”

– WWE issued a generic press release today hyping SmackDown’s move to MyNetworkTV this week. Vince McMahon provided the following comments: “The WWE and MyNet will become the tag team champions of Friday night television.”

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