WWE Names at Talent Clinic, RAW/SD Taping, Flair, More

– Ric Flair said he decided it was time to make a change when he left WWE. “No one respects the WWE more than me,” Flair told Mike Mooneyham of Charleston.net. “They have created a remarkable brand in business and sports entertainment. I just felt it was time for Ric Flair to go out and try some new things. I was thinking that I need the right person to help me be successful in the next chapter of my life. And that person is (agent) Elaine Gillespie.” Flair explained how he got to know Gillespie. “I know lots of people in Columbia and that’s how I met Elaine. I knew right off the bat she was the one who could take me to the next level. She may not be a wrestling expert, but she’s a promotional expert. And she’s tough. She says what she thinks. And she does what she says she’s going to do. I respect that.”

– Pat sent the following: WWE is hyping that the December 22nd event in Toronto will be a RAW and SmackDown taping. “Witness two of the most exciting WWE television shows take place the same night, under one roof for one ticket price,” reads a post on the Air Canada Centre website. “First see Smackdown live and then be a part of Monday NIght Raw hen it is broadcast live to the world from Toronto.”

– Along with WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis, WWE Superstars Mr. Kennedy and Randy Orton, WWE Diva Melina, and WWE Producers Ricky Steamboat and Barry Windham will all be attending FCW’s Talent Evaluation Clinic on Thursday, October 16th through Tuesday, October 21st.

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